3D time-of-flight sensors

Learn about TI 3D depth sensing technology and implementation for industrial, automotive and consumer applications including gesture control, 3D scanning, robotic navigation, augmented reality and people counting. For additional information about 3D time-of-flight technology and design resources, please visit

1. 3D time-of-flight overview

# Title Duration
1.1 3D TOF robotics: obstacle detection, collision avoidance and navigation
Learn how 3D Time-of-Flight sensors are enabling consumer and industrial robots to autonomously navigate and avoid collisions within their environment...
1.2 3D TOF occupancy detection: body tracking and people counting
3D Time-of-Flight sensors enable occupancy management and people counting applications, such as security monitoring, building automation, and traffic and...
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2. Getting started with 3D time-of-flight sensors

# Title Duration
2.1 3D time-of-flight sensor theory of operation
Explore the theory of operation behind 3D time of flight sensors.
2.2 Recommended 3D TOF design process and resources
Learn about the 3D time-of-flight sensor development process and key resources to shorten your design cycle and speed time-to-market.
2.3 3D time-of-flight image filtering
Phase and amplitude images generated by 3D time-of-flight sensors can be significantly enhanced by applying appropriate temporal and spatial filters.  This...
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3. 3D time-of-flight application deep dive

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3.1 Application deep dive: Robot navigation
Smarter robotics: 3D time-of-flight sensors enable autonomous robot navigation. 
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