The Logic Minute – Logic and Translation

The Logic Minute video series make complex ideas related to logic and translation easy to understand in just a couple minutes. 

1. Common applications of Logic

Some design challenges are prevalent across many systems. In this section, these common challenges are overcome utilizing logic devices to aid in optimizing system design. These videos include an understanding of the problem being solved, and a description of one or more solutions to these issues.

# Title Duration
1.1 Combining Power Good Signals
How to overcome parasitic capacitance when using power good signals.
1.2 Enable or Disable a Digital Signal
How to use logic to enable or disable a signal.
1.3 Use Fewer Inputs to Monitor Error Signals
How to use logic gates to reduce the number of inputs required to monitor multiple error flags.
1.4 Eliminate Slow or Noisy Input Signals
How to eliminate slow or noisy input signals.
1.5 Hold a Signal During Controller Reset
How to use logic to hold a signal line high or low while the system controller is powered off or held in reset.
1.6 Generate a Reset Signal at System Power On
How to generate a power on reset signal.
1.7 Synchronize Inverted Clock Inputs
How to synchronize devices with inverted clock inputs operating off the same clock source.
1.8 Convert a Momentary Switch to a Toggle Switch
How to use logic to utilize a momentary switch in place of a toggle switch.
1.9 Level-shift Using Open-Drain Outputs
How to use open-drain logic devices to translate digital signals between different voltage nodes.
1.10 Debounce a Switch
How to debounce a switch using logic.
1.11 Design an Alarm / Tamper Circuit with an S-R Latch
How to use NOR/NAND gates to create an S-R Latch for Alarm circuits
1.12 Detect Phase Differences in Input Signals
How to use logic to detect a phase difference in input signals.
1.13 Translation Between Communication Modules and System Controllers
How to choose the correct auto bidirectional translator for communication modules and system controllers.
1.14 Voltage Level Translation for UART Interface
TI's signal level translation for the UART interface
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2. Understanding the LSF Family of Bidirectional, Multi-Voltage Level Translators

In this section, the level shifter experts provide short lessons on the LSF family of voltage level translators  from basic applications up through a technical analysis of device operation. This includes how to set up the bias circuitry and use the device for up translation and down translation, as well as multi-voltage and single supply voltage translation.

# Title Duration
2.1 Introduction – Voltage Level Translation with the LSF Family
Introduction to the LSF video series and the LSF family of devices
2.2 Understanding the Bias Circuit for the LSF Family
A deep look at how the bias circuit works in an LSF device.
2.3 Using the Enable Pin with the LSF Family
How to use the enable pin correctly with an LSF device.
2.4 Translation Basics with the LSF Family
An overview of translation concepts and terms common to the down translation and up translation videos.
2.5 Down Translation with the LSF Family
A deep look at how an LSF device achieves down translation.
2.6 Up Translation with the LSF Family
A deep look at how an LSF device achieves up translation.
2.7 Multi-voltage Translation with the LSF Family
How to use a single LSF device to translate between multiple voltages in the same system.
2.8 Single Supply Translation with the LSF Family
How to use the LSF when there are supply limitations.
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3. Basics of Logic

In this section, the logic experts provide short lessons on standard logic devices ranging from basic applications up through a technical analysis of device operation. 
# Title Duration
3.1 Anatomy of a Logic Part Number
Logic part numbers use a formulaic naming system to denote the device's functionality and features. This video reviews the components to a logic part's...
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