Advanced Signal Processing on 16-bit MSP430 FRAM MCUs with Low Energy Accelerator (LEA)

This training series covers LEA or Low Energy Accelerator a vector math co-processor, the performance benchmark, and how to get started on the new MSP430FR599x. LEA is capable of performing various signal processing tasks efficiently without any CPU intervention. For example, LEA can perform a 256-point complex FFT in just ~5k cycles whereas a Cortex-M4F would take approximately 17k cycles (3.6x improvement). Coupling with DSP Library, it enables customers to easily get started with their application development with signal processing like FFT and FIR filtering to name a few.  The MSP430FR5994 comes with 256kb of FRAM, 8kb of SRAM and 6-channel DMA to list a few new enhancements to the FRAM portfolio.

1. Advanced Signal Processing with Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) Peripheral

# Title Duration
1.1 Introduction to Signal Processing on MSP430 16-bit MCUs
Introduction and agenda to advanced signal processing on 16-bit FRAM MCUs using Low-Energy Accelerator (LEA)
1.2 Signal Processing Overview
Short overview of signal processing 
1.3 What is the Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) peripheral?
Going through an overview of the Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) peripheral on 16-bit MSP430 FRAM MCUs
1.4 Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) performance
This video showcases the Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) peripheral performance (speed & energy) on the 16-bit MSP430 FRAM MCUs relative to 32-bit MCUs when...
1.5 In-depth on Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) peripheral
This training goes into how the application interacts with the Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) peripheral on the 16-bit MSP430 FRAM MCUs.
1.6 Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) programmers model
This segment goes through how to get started with the Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) peripheral on the 16-bit MSP430 FRAM MCUs leveraging the DSP Library...
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