Aerospace & Defense Training Series

The Aerospace and Defense Training Series is your one-stop portal for product specific and system applications training material. Learn about the latest solutions to help you simplify designs, improve performance and meet stringent project requirements. 

1. Power Management for Industrial Applications

# Title Duration
1.1 The Impact of Power Supply on ADCs and DACs
Learn how power supply affects the performance of ADCs and DACs.
1.2 Power Management for Industrial Applications I
Learn how TI’s solutions can help you overcome common power design challenges.
1.3 Power Management for Industrial Applications II
Learn how TI’s solutions can help you overcome common power design challenges.
1.4 Power Management for Industrial Applications III
This presentation demonstrates how our latest power solutions solve many power design problems, and provides additional resources to meet development ...
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2. Wide Bandwidth Solutions with High Speed Converters

# Title Duration
2.1 Solving bandwidth limitations with high speed converters
Achieve wider bandwidth, lower latency and higher density with TI's high speed data converters.
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3. Clocking Solutions for High Speed Multi-Channel Applications

# Title Duration
3.1 Get Your Clocks in Sync for JESD204B Data Converters
This video will explore a reference design that shows how to synchronize multiple high-speed JESD204B data converters.
3.2 TI Solutions for Clock and Timing
Learn about solutions to common aerospace and defense design challenges to help you simplify designs and improve performance.
3.3 Get Your Clocks in Sync: Hardware Setup
This video demonstrates DEV_CLK skew between two clock outputs of the clocking reference design and the analog channel to channel skew between 2 ADC12...
3.4 Get Your Clocks in Sync: Software Setup
This video demonstrates the software setup of the Multi-Channel JESD204B 15 GHz Clocking Reference Design for DSO, Radar and 5G Wireless Testers
3.5 Synchronization of High Speed Multichannel JESD204B Compliant Clocks Part 1
Learn about the high speed multi-channel clocking requirements and challenges.
3.6 Synchronization of High Speed Multichannel JESD204B Compliant Clocks Part 2
Learn about the JESD204B compliant high speed multichannel synchronized clocking architecture
3.7 Synchronization of High Speed Multichannel JESD204B Compliant Clocks Part 3
Learn about the high channel count clocking solution.
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4. Choosing the Right Operational Amplifier for your Design

# Title Duration
4.1 Operational Amplifiers (Op Amp) Technology Overview
Learn how to effectively choose & implement the most suitable operational amplifiers for your application
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5. Signal Conditioning Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

# Title Duration
5.1 Combating Signal Conditioning Challenges
Learn how to combat key challenges with signal conditioning.
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6. Enhanced Products (EP) for Harsh Environment Applications

# Title Duration
6.1 Understanding TI's Enhanced Products Value and Risk Mitigation
TI’s broad portfolio of enhanced products provide ruggedized components in plastic packaging. Learn about the qualification process and more.
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7. Rad-Hard Space System Solutions

# Title Duration
7.1 Simplifying your space design
Learn how how TI’s new and upcoming space-grade products can help with the increasingly challenging requirements of space-based applications.
7.2 Understanding space rated point of load regulators
Learn about the differences between commercial power and space power, and discover current point of load solutions for space applications.
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8. Radiation 101 - TID Basics & TI's RHA Process

# Title Duration
8.1 Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Basics
Learn about the impact of radiation on electronics in Space Applications. Cover the basics on Total Ionizing Dose. 
8.2 Total Ionizing Dose Effects on Bipolar Junction Transfers (BJTs)
Learn about Total Ionizing Dose (TID) effects on BiPolar Junction Transfers (BJTs)
8.3 Total Ionizing Dose Effects on MOSFETs
Review the Total Ionizing Dose Effects on MOSFETs. Radiation effects are a key consideration for Space Flight.
8.4 Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) Process for TI Space Products
Learn about TI’s process for radiation hardness assurance for Space Products.
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9. Tools and resources to help you design

# Title Duration
9.1 How to use WEBENCH for your power supply design?
Watch the step by step process to select, customize, simulate and export power supply designs with the WEBENCH power designer.
9.2 How to read an SMD part number
Learn how to read a SMD (Standard Microcircuit Drawing) part number.
9.3 How to find radiation and reliability reports on
Not sure where to start to make effective design decisions for your next high reliability project? Start here.
9.4 How to find space and harsh environment products on
View a step-by-step process to find products for space and harsh environments on
9.5 Top tools to help combat tough system-level challenges
Learn how to leverage block diagrams, reference designs and product recommendations to jump start your next project.
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10. 2019 Space Series

# Title Duration
10.1 Space Series I: Optimizing your space design with TI's newest rad hard ICs
In this webinar session we will cover our newest devices and introduce our technical space series.
10.2 Space Series II: Using fully differential amps for high speed signal chain interfaces
In this webinar session we will cover how a fully differential amplifier (FDA) can help in overcoming those interface challenges.
10.3 Space Series III: Implementing high current applications using POL devices
How to parallel POL LDOs and DC-DC converters to help meet high current requirements.
10.4 Space Series IV: Understanding cosmic radiation effects on electronics
In this webinar session we will discuss those effects and compare space rated and commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices.
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