Battery Management Deep Dive On-demand Technical Training

TI's battery experts have decades of experience. Our battery scientists bring cutting-edge solutions for new battery chemistries & technologies, from charging, gauging, monitoring, protection and more. This technical training was especially developed for design engineers working with power supply for battery-powered systems. Additional resources and design tools are provided for each training to complete your training experience.

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View agenda and abstracts for 2017 Battery Management Deep Dive Technical Training.

1. Battery Management Fundamentals

Browse through basics of battery management.

# Title Duration
1.1 Understanding Battery Charging IC Specifications - Part 1
Two-part presentation discusses some of the key charger parameters and related background information.
1.2 Understanding Battery Charging IC Specifications - Part 2
Two-part presentation discusses some of the key charger parameters and related background information.
1.3 Battery Monitoring Basics
This video has two sections; Basic concepts of Battery Monitoring and deep dive in Fuel Gauging. In the first section, you will learn overall basics of...
1.4 Impedance track benefits
Learn about Texas Instruments’ patented Impedance TrackTM technology and the advantages it offers. In addition it will outline the overall benefits of...
1.5 Impedance Track Configuration Considerations for Different Applications
Discussion of advanced Impedance Track gauging algorithm topics, including important configuration options which are recommended for customization depending...
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2. Battery Gauges

# Title Duration
2.1 Gauging Considerations for Industrial Battery Packs
This presentation reviews features in TI high cell count battery gauges that can provide advantages for industrial battery packs
2.2 Unique Gauging Algorithms for Industrial Applications - Primary Cells & Rarely Discharged Applications
This technical training reviews several unique algorithms available in TI battery gauge products focused on primary cell batteries and rarely discharged...
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3. Battery Chargers

# Title Duration
3.1 Battery chargers for industrial and building automation applications
How to pick the right charger for your industrial or building automation design? Learn now with this on-demand training
3.2 To Comply with USB Power Delivery 3.0 Specification: Advanced applications of Buck-Boost Charger
This on-demand training introduces several advanced applications of buck-boost charger and it facilitates users to meet USB PD 3.0 specification.. 
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4. Battery Monitoring and Protection

# Title Duration
4.1 MicroSiP Power Modules Construction Overview
Learn about how MicroSiP power modules are constructed and what they look like inside.  The size, ease of use, and performance benefits of using a power...
4.2 Does cell balancing really help to extend battery life?
This on-demand training will review cell imbalance factors and different balancing methods and their benefits and disadvantages.
4.3 What's With All the Safety Goals for HEVs, EVs, PHEVs?
Understand why multiple safety requirements exist for HEVs, EVs, PHEVs, how they are determined, and how to comply with them.
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