Choosing between TI CapTIvate™ technology, capacitive and inductive sensing solutions

with Pradhyum Ramkumar


Date: October 28, 2016

TI’s  CapTIvate, Inductive sensing and capacitive sensing technologies,  provide you with a  toolbox for enabling a variety of human machine interfaces such as Proximity sensing, buttons, sliders, wheels, dials as well as 3D gestures. This presentation will briefly go over these 3 technologies from TI and also provide guideline on which technology will work best for what application.

No matter what end equipment you consider, designers are replacing mechanical buttons in favor of more user friendly, sleeker interfaces. With CapTIvate technology , Inductive sensing and capacitive sensing solutions from TI, the designer now has a versatile tool kit to innovate with  proximity sensor, buttons, sliders, wheel, dials and 3D gestures. 

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