Connect: SimpleLink™ MCUs

Welcome to Connect, TI's weekly video series covering all things connectivity.  We will bring in experts to talk about the latest industry trends and TI's SimpleLink technology, hands-on demos, new product previews, training and more.  Be sure to tune in weekly for the latest.  Innovation starts here!

Table of contents

1. Welcome

Meet Adrian & Nick, the Connect hosts and join us each week for new topics and demos.
# Title Duration
1.1 Welcome to Connect
Welcome to Connect, TI's weekly video series covering all things connectivity.
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2. Expert Talks

Get the latest on IoT innovation and connectivity.  
# Title Duration
2.1 Connect: Why SimpleLink?
The SimpleLink MCU Platform: Made by Developers for Developers
2.2 Connect: Multi-band MCU with integrated PA
Introducing the new SimpleLink Multi-band CC1352P wireless MCU (SoC) with integrated PA
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3. Hands-on Demos

Innovation in action!  Featuring hands-on demos with TI experts.
# Title Duration
3.1 Connect: Thread Demo
Learn more about the Thread technology with a hands-on demo featuring the SimpleLink
3.2 Connect: Industrial Gateway to Cloud Demo
Learn how to set up a industrial gateway to cloud demo featuring the new SimpleLink™ 15.4 Plugin
3.3 Connect: Zigbee Demo
Join Nick and Steve as they walk through a sensor to cloud demo using the Zigbee 3.0 wireless protocol and SimpleLink™ MCUs.
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