Delfino Premium Performance MCUs

The C2000™ Delfino™ MCUs are a line of high-performance solutions that provide more processing capabilities, memory, and peripherals to lower system cost while delivering more efficient control capabilities. These high-performance, floating-point Delfino microcontrollers include an on-chip, high-precision analog-to-digital converter, along with an external low-cost signal conditioning circuit supporting:

  • a high-speed C28x core upto 300MHz with native floating point support
  • high-resolution PWM outputs with duty cycle, period, and phase timing resolutions as precise as 55 ps
  • the highest speed C2000™ ADC at up to 12.5 MSPS, 80ns
  • optional Trigonometric Math Unit (TMU) supporting 1 to 3 cycle SIN, COS, ARCTAN instructions

1. Devices

Explore training modules to gain an understanding of the core attributes of the Delfino MCU family.

# Title Duration
1.1 Bootloading 101
In this video we’ll discuss what a bootlader is and how they work.What is a bootloader?Where are bootloaders?Pieces of a bootloaderTypical Execution F...
1.2 CLA Hands On Workshop - Part 1 Introduction
Part 1 of a 5-part online training series on the Control Law Accelerator (CLA). 
1.3 C2000 F2837xD Microcontroller 1-Day Workshop Part 1 of 8: Workshop Introduction
C2000 MCU Workshop – Workshop Introduction
1.4 C2000 F28379D Dual-Core LaunchPad Technical Overview with a Demonstration of Inter-Processor Communications (IPC)
This video will cover a technical overview of the C2000 Delfino F28379D LaunchPad, and demonstrate a basic dual-core inter-processor communication tec...
1.5 Designing with the C2000 F2807x and F2837x Microcontroller Family
Overview of designing with the C2000 F2807x/F2837x device family.  
1.6 Getting Started with the C2000 ePWM Module
Getting Started with the C2000 ePWM Module
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2. Tools

There are a variety of tools to make development with the Delfino family easier. These trainings provide an introduction to real-time features and controlSUITE software.

# Title Duration
2.1 C2000 Real-Time Features
C2000 has two very useful features called real-time mode and real-time interrupts. They can be of great use when debugging software. Learn more about ...
2.2 C2000™ controlSUITE demonstration
Explore controlSUITE using the Piccolo™ controlSTICK. This training allows you to experience controlSUITE and its ability to minimize software development...
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3. Motor Applications

Motor control functionality is a key attribute of the C2000 MCU family.  Get started with your motor control application on Delfino MCUs using these trainings which focus on field oriented control capabilities.

# Title Duration
3.1 Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Motors
In this session, we investigate the Field Oriented Control process in an easy to understand way using animations and simulations.
3.2 Introduction to Motors & Motor Control - Part 1: Introduction
This video will be the introduction to the series for Motors and Motor ControlThe next part in this series is: Introduction to Motors & Motor Control -...
3.3 Teaching Old Motors New Tricks - Part 1: Introduction to Motor Control, PI Controllers, PID Controllers and Intro to Field Oriented Control
While motor topologies have remained relatively unchanged over the past century, control techniques by comparison have experienced explosive growth. This...
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4. Power Applications

Power efficiency is a key requirement for applications today.  These introductory trainings explore how Delfino MCUs are used to optimize power efficiency in applications such as charging piles and onboard charging applications for electric vehicles.

# Title Duration
4.1 C2000 Developments in Digital Power Control
This session introduces enhancements to C2000 MCUs designed to improve performance in digital power applications. 
4.2 Solutions for Fast Charging Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Design
Learn about fast charging solutions that will get your electric vehicle design on the road.
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5. Control Applications

For control applications, an understanding the fundamentals of control theory is required.  These trainings provide a foundation for creating control applications and provide some advanced training on the spate space modelling paradigm.

# Title Duration
5.1 State Space Control Seminar: Session 1
A 1-day course in control theory based on the spate space modelling paradigm.
5.2 Control Theory Seminar - Part 1
The Control Theory Seminar is a one-day technical seminar covering the fundamentals of control theory. This video is part 1 of a 4-part series highlighting...
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