Free webinar - Do more with Power Modules

Join TI's Power to do anything webinar series! 1st session topic: Do More with Power Modules.

This webinar provides an overview of buck power modules, their benefits over discrete converter based solutions and how designers can use power modules to build a robust designs and get to market faster. We'll discuss the various construction  technologies for modules and how they provide higher density, ease of use and EMI benefits. Finally, we'll discuss some featured products for typical POL or intermediary rails and the tools and resources available to help do more with power modules.

The webinar is intended primarily for designers who design systems for industrial  (factory automation, medical, test and measurement, building automation, grid infrastructure etc.) and communications markets (wireless infrastructure, telecom infrastructure) and are looking for ways to simplify power design with dense, robust solutions to help reduce time to market.           

November 7, 2017 - 16:00 Europe/Berlin
Presented by: 
Anjana Govil