FPD-Link™ Learning Center

FPD-Link™ Learning Center is a comprehensive online classroom for system designers integrating FPD-Link™ serializer/deserializer technology into their ADAS or Infotainment applications. The on-demand curriculum offers subject matter, from basics to advanced, to widen the technical knowledge of experienced engineers as well as assist those who are just starting to design with FPD-Link™ serializers and deserializers.  

1. Introduction to FPD-Link™ SerDes

These introduction videos describe the evolution of FPD-Link™ product families, and introduction to FPD-Link™ III SerDes for use in Infotainment and ADAS applications.

# Title Duration
1.1 ADAS Product Portfolio Overview
This video provides an introduction to the FPD-Link™ Serializers and Deserializers available for ADAS applications.
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2. Diagnostic & Data Protection

This video series provides an overview of diagnostic capabilities of FPD-Link™ III and basic tips to simplify troubleshooting.

# Title Duration
2.1 Diagnostics status monitoring, data protection and built-in self-test (BIST)
This video provides an overview of diagnostic capabilities of FPD-Link™ III and basic tips to simplify troubleshooting.
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3. FPD-Link™ Parameters & Transmission Channel

This video series describes the key parameters used in the FPD-Link™ high speed serial link consisting of the serializer, transmission medium and the de-serializer.

# Title Duration
3.1 High Speed Serial Link Basics
This video describes the elements in a high speed serial link such as equalization, clock and data recovery and key parameters.
3.2 Basic transmission parameters
This video outlines the basic transmission parameters in a high speed serial link such as FPD-Link™ III
3.3 Common connectors and cables for automotive applications
This video shows examples of high speed connectors and cable types commonly used in automotive cable harnesses.
3.4 What you need to know about the transmission channel
This video describes the key parameters of a transmission channel - consisting of printed circuit board, components and cable assembly used in the serial...
3.5 In-line and common mode chokes - use and effect on the transmission channel
This video describes the use and effect of in-line connectors and common mode chokes in automotive serial links.
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4. Power over Coax (PoC)

This video series describes the concept, design and evaluation of PoC (power over coax) commonly used in ADAS sub-systems.

# Title Duration
4.1 Power over Coax (PoC) basics
This video describes the basic concept of using power over coax to power remote devices.
4.2 Power over Coax (PoC) Design
This video describes the design considerations and design targets for using Power over Coax.
4.3 Power over Coax (PoC) evaluation
This video describes how to evaluate a PoC network.
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5. Interfaces

This video series describes the interfaces to sensor or video IO's of a graphics processor.

# Title Duration
5.1 Infotainment (IVI) back channel basics
This video describes the operation of back-channel control data transmission between de-serializer and serializer.
5.2 FPD-Link™ IO Interfaces: RGB, OLDI, HDMI, DPHY/CSI, DPHY/DSI
This video describes the use of various video interfaces to the FPD-Link serializer/de-serializer.
5.3 Bi-directional communication channel in FPD-Link ADAS Products
This video describes the back channel control features such as remote I2C programming, frame synchonization used in driver assist sub-systems.
5.4 ADAS serializer clocking modes
This video describes the clock interface between a camera image sensor and FPD-Link serializers for ADAS applications.
5.5 Advanced ADAS serializer clocking mode
This video describes the synchronous clock mode supported by the newer ADAS FPD-Link SerDes such as DS90UB953/954.
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6. Tools

This video series describe the supporting tools for evaluating FPD-Link™ SerDes.

# Title Duration
6.1 Use of Analog Launch Pad (ALP) GUI to configure the FPD-Link EVMs
This video describes the installation and use of the ALP GUI for configuring and monitoring the operating of the FPD-Link EVMs (evaluation modules).
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