High Volt Interactive Training Series

This training series captures 20+ technical sessions from the High Volt Interactive conference. Watch and learn from each training video as it discusses various high-voltage topics. From the fundamentals of Power Factor Correction (PFC) to designing multi-kW power supply systems, pick your favorite topic and start learning today.

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What is High Volt Interactive? Technical high voltage power conference where you learn and discuss new ways to solve old problems, common design issues, and TI’s innovative power solutions. Two full days of technical, interactive sessions with topics ranging from PFCs to isolated gate drivers, wide band gap solutions and application-based topics like electric vehicles(EVs). Join us again next year!

1. High Voltage training topics

# Title Duration
1.1 Mastering the Art and Fundamentals of High Voltage Gate Driver Design
High Voltage Gate Driver Design with Low Side Gate Driver, Half-bridge Gate Driver and Isolated Gate Driver.
1.2 Power Loss and Thermal Considerations for Gate Drivers
Power loss, loss distribution, thermal model, leadframe, packages, board layout, operating conditions, thermal analysis and thermal comparison of gate...
1.3 Implementation and Design Considerations of High Voltage Gate Drivers
This session presents the high voltage half bridge drivers architecture and operation details and applications well suited for these drivers.
1.4 High Side Bias Supply Challenges and Solutions in Halfbridge Gate Drivers
High side bias supply, bootstrap supply, bootstrap diode, bootstrap capacitor, frequency, high side bias challenges and solutions in half bridge gate ...
1.5 Mastering the Isolated Gate Driver Robustness – A Deep Dive of CMTI
A Deep Dive of CMTI for Isolated Gate Driver
1.6 PFC for not dummies
Training designed to help you understand the key inputs when deciding on a PFC (power factor correction) solution
1.7 A new way to PFC and an even better way to LLC
An advanced PFC + LLC solution for AC/DC application with extremely low stand by power, excellent THD and PF, and best in class transient response.
1.8 Multiple Output Flybacks: How to Improve Cross Regulation
A survey of different techniques to improve cross-regulation and a discussion on benefits/tradeoffs of each.
1.9 A design review of an offline two-switch flyback topology
Learn how to design a two switch quasi resonant offline flyback. This topic imparts design knowledge and gives practical tips.
1.10 The Active Clamp Flyback: Part 1
This video introduces the fundamental of active clamp flyback topology, and studies the impact of nonlinear capacitance of switching devices on the pe...
1.11 The Active Clamp Flyback: Part 2
This videos covers challenge and solution for synchronous rectification (SR) and light-load operation of active clamp flyback converter.
1.12 Hysteresis loss in high voltage MOSFETs: Findings and effects for high frequency AC-DC converters
A review of different high performance Super-Junction Silicon MOSFETs for ZVS high frequency resonant supply applications
1.13 When to Consider General Purpose PWM controllers
The purpose of this topic is take a look at general purpose PWM controllers and the power supply topologies that they can be used in.
1.14 Very high voltage AC-DC power: From 3-phase to single phase offline bias supplies
Learn of some of the applications and limits of the offline bias supply for wide input voltage and methods to improve performance.
1.15 The “No-Neutral Wire” application in smart-buildings and Home Automation
Introduces the issues and solutions for powering up IoT devices without using the neutral wire
1.16 Designing multi-kW power supply systems
Provides insight into the some of the challenges of designing multi-kW power supply systems
1.17 High Voltage Solutions in HEV/EV Part I - On Board Chargers and Charging Stations
An overview of complete high voltage power solutions in on board chargers and charging stations. TI is a one stop shop!
1.18 High Voltage Solutions in HEV/EV Part II - DC/DC Converters and Traction Inverters
This video provides an overview of complete "High Voltage Power Solutions in DC/DC Converters and Traction Inverters".
1.19 Design considerations for USB Type-C™ power delivery
Enhanced power capabilities of Power Delivery with USB Type-C™ and then look at what that means for system architecture in AC/DC power sources.
1.20 Modern LED Lighting Systems
Covers system level challenges on Modern AC-DC offline LED driver designs for industrial/commercial luminaire and how TI solutions solve these challe...
1.21 High Density DC-DC Power Module Design with Embedded Planar Transformer
This video provides insights into the key considerations to optimizing a power module design in addition to the market trend of the brick power module...
1.22 How to drive SiC MOSFET…. The right way !!
Learn about SiC application landscape and the specific requirements to drive a SiC MOSFET in order to achieve an efficient, high power density and robust...
1.23 Designing a 99% Efficient Totem Pole PFC with GaN
This tutorial addresses the following two questions; Why GaN based Totem-pole PFC and how to get 99% efficiency.
1.24 GaN: the path to high power density
Learn how to achieve high power density by using GaN power stage, LMG3410
1.25 Selecting the Optimal Topology
This presentation provides some guidance of 4 common topologies: Flyback, Forward, Half-Bridge, and Full Bridge
1.26 Power supply design and layout optimization: minimizing EMI and instability
This training discusses considerations when laying out a PCB design, focusing on the schematics, parasitics, ground planes, magnetics, PCB layout itself...
1.27 Accelerating Design with Tools for High Voltage
Understand the challenges in high voltage design and what design tools TI offers including WEBENCH Power designer with transformer design capability
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