Implementing Digital Motor Control with C2000 High Performance, Low Cost MCUs

with Texas Instruments


Date: January 30, 2011

Advanced digital motor control was only an option for high end motor drives and expensive equipment up until now. But the introduction of the high performance low-cost 32-bit MCU Piccolo family changes that. In this presentation, we will discuss the capability of using a low-cost C2000 Piccolo 32-bit MCU in advanced motor control. We will demonstrate the usage of a single Piccolo MCU to control multiple motors with advanced vector motor control algorithms such as FOC (Field Oriented Control). In addition, the same Piccolo device is used as the controller for the front-end Power Factor Correction (PFC). An introduction of basic motor types, motor drive inverters, and motor control methods will also be presented. The goal of this presentation is to equip customers with both advanced and introductory knowledge of advanced motor control and the value of TI’s low-cost motor control MCUs.