LED Driver Basics

In this on-demand training series, learn about a variety of LED driver design topics from TI experts.  This series covers a broad spectrum of subject matter from PWM and analog dimming methodologies to more in depth videos on design considerations and overcoming specific system design challenges.  You can choose which curriculum best suits your needs  and learn at your own pace by choosing a section or specific video in the series. Get started by clicking a section or video below. 

1. Topology Introduction

Just getting started with LED or need a refresher on what tradeoffs to anticipate with different topologies? The below video provides a quick and easy-to-understand overview of five topologies.

# Title Duration
1.1 LED Driver Topologies
Get an introduction as well as a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages that come with the boost, buck, floating buck boost, SEPIC, and Cuk to...
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2. Dimming Algorithms

This segment of the LED drivers basics series provide an overview of the basic relationship between LED current and light output, as well as the benefits and limitations of analog and PWM dimming methodologies, These videos are appropriate for engineers of all experience levels, serving as basic training for new LED driver design engineers or a memory refresh for more experienced designers.
# Title Duration
2.1 Dimming Methods: Analog Dimming
In this short on-demand training video, learn basic principles and limitations of analog dimming in LED drivers.
2.2 Dimming Methods: PWM Dimming
In this short on-demand training video, learn the basics of PWM dimming based on three different dimming methodologies, main FET, Series FET and Shunt...
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3. RGB LED Drivers

RGB LED drivers are becoming more popular choices for applications like audio and voice recognition systems, or Human-Machine Interfaces where LED color and patterns are critical elements of the user-interface. Each of the first five videos quickly explains critical concepts to RGB LEDs, while the last video discusses a unique RGB LED functionality from TI that enables the LED driver to operate autonomously from your MCU. 

# Title Duration
3.1 How to select a RGB LED driver
If you’re not sure where to start with RGB LED selection, this video walks through key questions you should ask yourself before making a selection decision....
3.2 Color Mixing and Dimming Control of RGB LED Drivers
If you only have experience with single color LEDs, learn more about several RGB dimming control methods, as well as how to achieve brilliant color resolution....
3.3 Common RGB LED Communication Interfaces
I2C. SPI. GPIO. You may have heard of these interfaces, but this video shares when and why you would consider these or others for your application.
3.4 Power considerations for RGB LED drivers
Channel output voltage, dissipation and thermal performance are just a few of the things you’ll need to know when evaluating power. Watch more to learn...
3.5 Time-multiplexing LED matrix
In order to achieve great display performance, some applications require LED matrix. This training shows examples of time-multiplexing structures in action....
3.6 Benefits of Programmable Lighting Engines in LED Drivers
In this video learn how an LED driver with programmable lighting engine can help you achieve advanced LED animations, while saving system power.
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4. Automotive LED Drivers

Reliability and efficiency are of the utmost importance in many automotive lighting systems. Get pointers on how to avoid or overcome common auto challenges in the follow videos.

# Title Duration
4.1 How to estimate junction temperature
Learn three simple methods for calculating or simulating the IC junction temperature for automotive lighting systems.
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