Managing heat dissipation with DC/DC switching regulators

Managing heat dissipation has always been a critical concern for any power supply designer, and this concern has only grown in importance as output current levels have increased while IC package sizes have gotten smaller. This page serves as your ultimate resource for all training materials and technical documentation related to keeping your switching regulator running cool.  

There are numerous ways to address thermals. This library of training content is broken out by some of these key approaches to improving the thermal performance of your switching regulator.

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1. Optimizing PCB layout

PCB layout tips to manage heat dissipation with your switching regulator


# Title Duration
1.1 Engineer It: Leverage TI’s online toolbox to tackle thermals before touching a soldering iron
Learn how to improve component reliability by optimizing DC/DC switching regulator thermal design, all before you even heat up the soldering iron
1.2 Thermal Design Made Simple
Layout tips for robust thermal designs, featuring the LM4360x and LM4600x synchronous SIMPLE SWITCHER family of wide Vin regulators
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2. Packaging

Another way to manage thermals is through IC packaging. Smaller and smaller packages continue to be introduced as output currents trend upward. Learn more about the packaging technologies that aid heat dissipation under these challenging conditions and enable high power density.


# Title Duration
2.1 MicroSiP Power Modules Construction Overview
Learn about how MicroSiP power modules are constructed and what they look like inside.  The size, ease of use, and performance benefits of using a power...
2.2 Power Modules - How we build them and why you need them
This presentation will talk in detail about TI’s broad range of Power Modules.
2.3 Trade-offs between thermal performance and small solution size with DC/DC converters
An examination of the trade-offs between package size and heat dissipation, using the LMR33630 Hot Rod QFN and SOIC as an example
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3. Increasing efficiency

Another way to manage heat in your power supply is by choosing the right IC with the best efficiency


# Title Duration
3.1 Engineer It - How to test power supplies - Measuring Efficiency
TI's Bob Hanrahan describes how to measure efficiency when testing a DC/DC power supply, and ensure that it works reliably over various operating conditions....
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