MSP430 Workshop Series

This workshop is designed to help users gain an in-depth knowledge about the MSP430 family of microcontrollers.

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Installation Guide:MSP_Design_Workshop_Installation_Guide.pdfPDF(1.1MB)
Course Workbook:MSP_Design_Workshop.pdfPDF(35MB)
Workshop Lab Files:MSP_Design_Workshop_Lab_Files.exeEXE(50MB)


  • Install 'either' the .exe or .zip files provided above. The .zip file was added for Linux and Mac users.
  • When you download the 'setup' file, you may notice that the ".exe" portion of the filename has been removed. If this happens, simply rename the file, and append ".exe" to the end of the filename so you can run the installer. This is an issue with our server which we hope to resolve soon.
  • If you are using an older device (without Driver Library support), we suggest that you read/watch the chapter discussions in this workshop, but refer to the labs and solutions found in the 'G2553 Value-Line LaunchPad Workshop .

Workshop Reference and Information Revision history: MSP_Design_Workshop_Readme.txt      Checksums: md5

Most of these sections includes an in-depth lab that will step you through the usage, programming and testing of the peripheral(s) or tool(s) covered.

To run the labs, you will need the following:

  • A Windows 7 (or later), Linux, or MacOS (beta) computer with 1.5GB or more free hard drive space.
(Note, though, that the lab directions were written and validated against the Windows version of tools.) 

Running The Labs

  • The workshop course manual (see link above)
  • The labs and solutions files (see link above)
  • One of the following LaunchPad EVM's:
         MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Kit(MSP-EXP430F5529LP)   (US $12.99)
         MSP430FR4133 FRAM LCD LaunchPad     (MSP-EXP430FR4133)(US $13.99)
         MSP430FR5969 FRAM LaunchPad(MSP-EXP430FR5969)(US $15.99)
         MSP430FR6989 FRAM LCD LaunchPad(MSP-EXP430FR6989)(US $17.99)
         MSP432P401R 32-bit LaunchPad(MSP-EXP432P401R)(US $12.99)
  • One female-to-female jumper wire (here’s a pack of them, as an example, from adafruit).

  • If you are using the F5529 USB LaunchPad, you will need to use the new MSP-FET for measuring energy usage during the Low Power Optimization lab exercise.

  • MSP-FET (Flash/FRAM Emulation Tool) supports measurement of energy with the EnergyTrace feature for all MSP430 devices (US $115.00)

1. MSP430 Design Workshop

# Title Duration
1.1 MSP430 Workshop Series 2 of 12 - Code Composer Studio
MSP Design Workshop - Part 2 of 12
1.2 MSP430 Workshop Series 3 of 12 - Using MSPWare with GPIO
MSP Design Workshop - Part 3 of 12
1.3 MSP430 Workshop Series 4a of 12 - Reset Modes
MSP Design Workshop - Part 4a of 12
1.4 MSP430 Workshop Series 4b of 12 - Clocks
MSP Design Workshop - Part 4b of 12
1.5 MSP430 Workshop Series 4c of 12 - DCO initialization/calibration
MSP Design Workshop - Part 4c of 12
1.6 MSP430 Workshop Series 4d of 12 - System Initialization
MSP Workshop - Part 4d of 12
1.7 MSP430 Workshop Series 4e of 12 - Lab Abstract
MSP430 Workshop - Part 4e of 12
1.8 MSP430 Workshop Series 5 of 12 - Interrupts
MSP430 Workshop - Part 5 of 12
1.9 MSP430 Workshop Series 6 of 12 - Timers
MSP430 Workshop - Part 6 of 12
1.10 MSP430 Workshop Series 7 of 12 - Low-Power Optimization
MSP Design Workshop - Part 7 of 12
1.11 MSP430 Workshop Series 8 of 12 - Interrupts
MSP430 Workshop - Part 8 of 12
1.12 MSP430 Workshop Series 9 of 12 - Non-Volatile Memory
MSP430 Workshop - Part 9 of 12
1.13 MSP430 Workshop Series 10 of 12 - USB Communications
MSP430 Workshop - Part 10 of 12
1.14 MSP430 Workshop Series 11 of 12 - Energia (Arduino)
MSP430 Workshop - Part 11 of 12
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