Precision Labs one day workshops

Chapter 1 – Analyzing voltage offset and input bias current (Vos and Ib)

How well do you know the major contributors to dc op amp input errors?


Chapter 2 – Understanding input and output swing limitations

Have you ever experienced unexpected signal output behavior of an op amp, such as clipping or other non-linear behavior?


Chapter 3 – Understanding slew rate

True or False? A large and rapid voltage change in an op amp's output is always limited by the slew rate of the device.


Chapter 4 – Demystifying op amp bandwidth

Did you know when calculating op amp bandwidth you should always use the non-inverting gain?


Chapter 5 – Understanding stability

Did the circuit you designed to create a precision dc output function as an oscillator?


Chapter 6 – Understanding noise & noise models

Did you know that a standard resistor component sitting on your desk doing “nothing” is actually generating noise?

$79 USD
8 hours, 30 minutes