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Mastering the Art and Fundamentals of High Voltage Gate Driver Design

October 9, 2017

High Voltage Gate Driver Design with Low Side Gate Driver, Half-bridge Gate Driver and Isolated Gate Driver.

Mastering the Isolated Gate Driver Robustness – A Deep Dive of CMTI

October 9, 2017

A Deep Dive of CMTI for Isolated Gate Driver

Gate Driver Design Deep Dive

Gate driver design deep dive outline:

-Parasitics in gate driver-Gate driver soft/hard switching difference-Strong gate driver and MOSFET nonlinear COSS-Common mode transient immunity(CMTI), dV/dt and di/dt through parasitics L, and C?-How to separate power ground noise by PCB layout?-Power supply for isolated gate driver in UPS, server and Telecom system-TIDA and Experimental waveforms

Mastering the art of high voltage gate drivers

In this training series, we will touch the gate driver applications, fundamentals of low side gate driver, high- and low side gate driver and isolated gate driver. And we will surely go deep and help you understand the gate driver design considerations with TI reference design and the corresponding critical waveforms.

Gate Driver Applications and System Architecture

The first section will discuss the applications where the different kinds of gate driver will be used, and we will also identify the gate drivers location used in each typical system architecture.

Gate Driver Select Considerations and Key Specs

This training video discusses the gate driver select considerations and key specifications, and also introduces the novel gate driver specs for high end gate driver.

Low Side and H-Bridge Gate Driver Fundamentals

This training video illustrates the operation fundamentals for the low side and half-bridge gate driver.

Gate Driver Operation with High dV/dt and di/dt

This training video discusses the strong gate driver introduced high dv/dt and di/dt during turn-on and turn-off switching transition, and also illustrate the high dv/dt and di/dt introduced noise through the parasitic capacitance/inductance on high side level-shift and junction capacitance on the bootstrap diode. Solutions with new state-of-the-art gate driver and its key features are introduced and explained.

Must Knows of Gate Driver for ZVS Converter

In this training video, soft switching ZVS converters, including totem-pole PFC and LLC resonant converter, is mentioned to improve all the all the issues of hard-switching, especially the reverse recovery of the diode. Differences of gate driver on hard-switching and soft-switching is highlighted and explained. New issues of soft switching, high turn-off current, is also discussed with strong gate driver to minimize the turn-off loss. LLC resonant converter turn-off loss mechanism is illustrated in depth.

Webinar - 6 power design challenges and their solutions with Texas Instruments DC/DC converters, modules and linear regulators

May 15, 2018

Learn more about power management solutions and tools to simplify designs and improve performance with Texas Instruments.

Power Switching Device Cannot Drive Themselves - Mastering the Art of High Voltage Gate Driver Design in UPS, Telecom, and Servers

We live in a world where designers are constantly pursuing higher efficiencies and higher power densities. Our customers want more power out with less power loss, while achieving smaller solution sizes! They strive to reduce switching losses while maintaining signal integrity. The need for higher efficiency and power density is a trend seen across isolated and non-isolated power systems in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Telecom Rectifiers, and Server PSUs.

Actev Motors & TI Drive Smart Kart Success

July 19, 2016

Some of the latest innovations for kids are coming from the heart of Silicon Valley… from a company called Actev Motors.

TI’s bq76200 100V Battery High-Side FET Driver

January 28, 2016

Battery FET control has never been easier. bq76200 is an incredibly flexible high voltage FET driver that controls battery charging and discharging, and offers
Multi-cell Charge Controller Training, Charger Topologoes

Hybrid boost and narrow-voltage DC architecture of multi-cell chargers

September 29, 2019

This training provides an overview of the hybrid boost and narrow-voltage DC topologies using the popular BQ24800 and BQ25710 devices as examples.

Introduction to rapid prototyping: Getting started with TI solutions

September 24, 2019

This training shows you how to get started prototyping on TI solutions with minimal or no programming.
How to extend flight time and battery life of quadcopters and industrial drones with electronic speed controllers

Webinar: How to extend flight time and battery life of quadcopters and industrial drones

April 7, 2017

In this session designers can learn how to add gauging, protection, balancing and charging capabilities to any existing drone design to improve flight time.

Summary and References

This training video summarizes the content of this gate driver series and the key references.

Why Isolation in Power Electronics System?

This training series will firstly discuss the isolation requirement in power electronics system, and then compare the different driver isolation implementation methodologies. Integrated isolated gate driver shows the best performance in the perspective of size, performance and reliability.

What is UCC2x52x?

This training video will firstly discuss the configuration of the UCC2x52x gate driver and it featured benefits, then a detailed bench experiment comparison shows that UCC2x52x family gate drivers has better dynamic performance as well as stable and predictable source/sink peak current. 

Parasics and its Influences at Hard-Switching

In this training video, parasitics in the gate driver system is identified. Piece-wise linear switching sequence at turn on/off is illustrated. Reverse recovery introduced additional complexity on turn-on transition is explained with comparison of MOSFETs and IGBTs.

79 Results
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