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Getting started with InstaSPIN-FOC

This series of videos helps you get started with InstaSPIN-FOC (Field Oriented Control) for select C2000 devices.


This section covers InstaSPIN - MOTION.


This section covers DesignDRIVE.


This section covers MathWorks.

C2000 Digital Power Training Videos

Learn more about digital power control, specific applications, development tools, or review device specific instructions.

C2000 Electric Vehicle Training Videos

This C2000 video series includes all EV-specific videos and training modules.

C2000 Electric Vehicle Training Videos: Chinese-translated

This Chinese-translated C2000 video series includes EV-specific videos and training modules.

C2000 MCU Hands-on Device Workshops

This collection provides access hands-on exercises and training materials from technical workshops across a variety of C2000 devices:

  • F28004x microcontrollers (also applies to F28002x MCU devices)
  • F2837xD microcontrollers (also applies to F2838xD MCU devices)
  • F2806x microcontrollers
  • F2803x microcontrollers
  • F2802x microcontrollers
  • F2833x microcontrollers
  • F280x microcontrollers
  • F281x microcontrollers
  • F28M35x microcontrollers
  • LF240x microcontrollers

Control Law Accelerator (CLA) hands-on workshop

The Control Law Accelerator is a 32-bit floating point math accelerator that is common on most c2000 devices. It aids in the concurrent processing of fast control algorithms.

After viewing the lectures, and working through the provided example, you should be in a better position to migrate existing algorithms from the main C28x core to the CLA, or start programming on the CLA from scratch.


This section contains overview videos of C2000 real-time controllers

Control Law Accelerator (CLA)

This section incorporates all C2000 videos specific to the Control Law Accelerator, or CLA

Introduction to the F2837x series

These videos introduce the C2000 TMS320F2837x family of devices.

Introduction to the F28004x series

These videos introduce the C2000 TMS320F28004x family of devices.

Functional safety on C2000 MCUs

This series of videos covers functional safety as it relates to C2000 MCU devices.

TI RTOS overview

Overview of TI-RTOS

Compiler and debug

Videos over C Compiler and Runtime Object View

Improving Power Density, Efficiency, and Cost for EV On-Board Chargers, High Voltage DCDC Modules, and EVSE Chargers

September 10, 2019

Improving Power Density, Efficiency, and Cost for EV On-Board Chargers, High Voltage DCDC Modules, and EVSE Chargers
Configurable Logic Block (CLB) training for C2000 MCUs

Configurable Logic Block (CLB) Training for C2000™ MCUs

Does your industrial control system include customized logic?  Do you have an FPGA, CPLD, or external logic components supplementing your embedded controller and wonder “why can’t this all be done in one device?” Are you using this additional logic because your MCU peripherals don’t give you all the capability you need?  With the Configurable Logic Block (CLB) peripheral you are able to implement custom logic and even augment existing C2000 peripherals like the PWMs, captures, quadrature encoder, and GPIOs.  This can enable you to integrate critical functions into a sing

Dual active bridge DC:DC power stage for a level 3 (fast) EV charging station (pile)

June 27, 2019

Bi-directional, dual active bridge reference design for level 3 electric vehicle charging stations.
CLA Usage in Valley SwitchingBoost Power Factor Correction (PFC) Reference Design

CLA Usage in Valley Switching Boost Power Factor Correction (PFC) Reference Design

June 20, 2019

This video shows how to enable the CLA for digital power solutions to offer a better integration option for EV/HEV customers when combining DC-DC and DC-AC.
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