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Inductor selection

This sections covers tips for selecting the appropriate inductors for your switching power supply.

Power factor correction (PFC) basics

Learn what power factor correction (PFC) is, the basics of power factor measurement and why PFC is needed. Also learn about EN6100-3-2 and Energy Star standards for power supplies.

Power factor correction (PFC) classification and control laws

Learn the difference between different PFC classifications and the advantages and disadvantages of peak current mode control, average current mode control and hysteresis current mode control.

Power factor correction (PFC) topology comparison

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of classic boost PFC, dual boost bridge-less PFC, totem-pole bridge-less PFC and interleaved boost PFC. Also learn about the main power loss components in typical PFC circuits resulting in bridge low, choke loss, boost diode loss and switch loss.

How to design an efficient power factor correction (PFC) circuit

Learn the calculations and considerations required to design an efficient PFC choke inductor. Also learn how to further optimize efficiency and achieve a stable system. Finally, discover PCB layout considerations for power stage and control stage.

Power factor correction (PFC) design example

Learn about the design methodology and test results from the 230 V, 3.5 kW power factor correction (PFC) reference design.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Design considerations for USB type-C power delivery

The presentation addresses the design consideration of USB Type-C power delivery. USB Type-C is the new trend of Industrial, automotive and personal electronics devices. In the training, audience will be able to learn more about USB Type-C power delivery (PD) requirement and understand architecture of USB Type-C PD, AC/DC power source.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Demystifying circuit design with Precision DAC

The presentation addresses the Precision DAC Architecture overview, DAC spec parameters and the theory of operation & Design example. All the information is importer for engineer when work on the system design.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Environmental sensor for building automation design

Building automation system is a communication network infrastructure that manages the building service. This training will introduce the environmental sensor black diagram, key reference design and the solution for IC temperature sensor, power saving analog temperature sensor, digital temperature sensor … etc.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

SAR ADC Design

Targeting the Test and Measurement application, this section includes many topics relevant to designing with SAR ADC devices.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Introduce high power DC/DC conversion design: comparison of PSFB and FB-LLC

The “conventional wisdom” is that the Phase Shifted Full Bridge (PSFB) topology is the best choice for high power DC/DC converter applications. However, the “conventional wisdom” has been challenged by the users who are choosing the Full Bridge LLC (FB-LLC) topology for applications where we would normally suggest the PSFB topology. The speaker provides a clear comparison between the two typologies and tries to indicate which is best in a given application
South Asia Industrial Webinar

Overview of commonly-used interface for industrial application

The training provides a very comprehensive introduction of the commonly-used interface including RS-485, RS-422, ProfiBus, RS-232, IO-Link, CAN and LIN. These interfaces are used in the application of Factory Automation and some other industrial application. For the engineer who needs to deal with interface system design, this is a very useful training.

Control of SMPS - A Refresher: Part 1

This part discusses some of the Basic concepts used and then a brief review of Transfer Functions and finally an outline of the building blocks of SMPS Control Systems

Control of SMPS - A Refresher: Part 2

This part discusses Loop Transfer Functions, that is the Control to Output: G(s) and  Output to Control: H(s) functions and then a discussion on Loop Compensation

Control of SMPS - A Refresher: Part 3

This part discusses how to Measure the Control Loop performance and then there is a summary and brief discussion of other issues

Webinar - Do More with Power Modules

November 10, 2017

Join the first session of TI's "Power to Do Anything" webinar series

Webinar - Achieving higher power density, efficiency, and voltage accuracy in point-of-load DC/DC converters

December 19, 2017

Watch the 2nd session of the "Power to Do Anything"-webinar series on demand now!

What is active clamp flyback?

February 21, 2018

With technology advances that we almost take for granted, our electronic devices are becoming smaller.  Can your controller keep up with the trend?

How to get started with the UCC28056 high performance PFC controller

February 21, 2018

Put our new PFC controller to the test. Watch this video to learn how you can get started with the UCC28056 EVM.
Electric vehicles power systems

How to Design Multi-kW DC/DC Converters for Electric Vehicles (EVs) - EV System Overview

August 6, 2018

This training session is intended to give an overview of the power systems used in Electric Vehicles (EV).
125 Results
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