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Troubleshooting general board clean amplifier FPD Link integrated circuit PCB printed circuit board application linear ADC converter sensor datasheet verification failure analysis debugging debug submission FA customer return DAC audio ABA WCSP

Troubleshooting Tips: Board Level

This video section gives recommendations and best practices for application debugging techniques at the printed circuit board level.

TI-RSLK MAX Module 5 - Lecture video part II - TI-RSLK Chassis board

July 18, 2019

In this video, you will learn an overview of the TI-RSLK MAX Chassis board, its features, and connections between the launchpad

TI-RSLK MAX Module 11 - Lab video 2 – Demonstrate OLED interface

July 23, 2019

How to interface an OLED to TI’s Launchpad Development board
Troubleshooting wafer chip scale packaging package  integrated circuit WCSP handling PCB printed circuit WSCPapplication System fail sensor datasheet verification failure analysis debugging debug submission FA customer return  TI Texas Instruments  help

Troubleshooting Tips: IC - WCSP Handling

September 17, 2019

Correct WCSP handling is the first critical step to a successful troubleshoot and debug.

Connect: Build a robot in under 15 minutes!

October 9, 2019

Join Adrian and Mark to learn how to build a robot in under 15 minutes with the TI Robotic Systems Learning Kit (TI-RSLK).
Troubleshooting amplifier FPD-Link integrated circuit Flux Contamination PCB clean cleaning error accuracy application ADC System fail sensor datasheet verification failure analysis debugging debug submission FA customer return DAC audio TI help

Troubleshooting Tips: IC - Flux Contamination

September 4, 2019

How to inspect for Flux Contamination. Excess solder flux can impact an applications performance.

TI Robotics System Learning Kit MAX (TI-RSLK MAX)

The TI-RSLK MAX is a low-cost robotics kit and classroom curriculum which provides students with a deeper understanding of how electronic system designs work.  Developed with university faculty, Jon Valvano of UT Austin, the TI-RSLK MAX is designed to supplement university curriculum.

TI-RSLK MAX Construction Guide

The video series shows how to construct the TI Robotics Systems Learning kit or TI-RSLK MAX. You will learn how to assemble and disassemble the robot, make any updates to your LaunchPad. You can even attach OLED and LED display to your robot so you can monitor where your robot is moving!

TI-RSLK MAX Assembly Guide

This video shows how to assemble the TI-RSLK MAX in less than 15 mintues.

TI-RSLK MAX Disassembly Guide

This video describes how to disassemble the TI-RSLK MAX robotics kit.

TI-RSLK MAX LaunchPad Preparation

This video highlights the changes that must be made to the SimpleLink™ MSP432P401R high-precision ADC LaunchPad™ development kit as part of the TI-RSLK MAX.

Attaching a Display to the TI-RSLK MAX

This video describes how to add a display to the TI-RSLK MAX.

TI-RSLK MAX Module - 1 Running code on the LaunchPad using CCS

The purpose of this module is to learn software development methodology and understand how to set up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to then import and export Code Composer Studio (CCS) projects, as well as critical debugging information to understand the memory usage and performance of the software on the processor.

TI-RSLK MAX Module 2 – Voltage, current, and power

The purpose of this course is to review basic electronic components and the electrical properties needed to interface sensors and actuators to a microcontroller. You will learn how to measure reactance of a capacitor and use your project to measure current and voltage. The electrical properties of the capacitor will help you design circuits that “filter” or remove noise from your robot.

TI-RSLK MAX Module 3 – ARM Cortex M

This module serves as a brief introduction to the ARM Cortex-M microcontroller, assembly programming language and some debugging techniques. Understanding how the processor works is essential for the design of embedded systems, such as the one used in your robot.  

TI-RSLK MAX Module 4 – Software design using MSP432

This module is an introduction to C, a general-purpose programming language, in addition to the concepts of compiling and debugging using the MSP432 and TI Code Composer Studio™.  Debugging skills are a valuable tool when developing complex systems involved with robotics.

TI-RSLK MAX Module 5 – Building the robot

In this module, you will create the robot. You will then be able to measure the voltage, current and energy for a battery while managing voltage regulation. This will allow you to build the circuits needed to power the robot.


In this module, you will interface a line sensor (infra-red sensor) to the microcontroller and learn how to write software to initialize GPIO pins.  The line sensor is a simple and accurate sensor for solving robotic challenges.

TI-RSLK MAX Module 7 – Finite state machines

This module will demonstrate how to use finite state machines as a central controller for the system. Finite state machines are an effective design process to have in your embedded system tool box and can be used to solve problems with inputs and outputs.The basic approach to system development is to create components and

TI-RSLK MAX Module 8 – Interfacing input and output

The purpose of this module is to develop interface switches and an LED so the robot can effectively detect wall collisions. Many sensors and actuators deploy LEDs, so understanding how they operate will be important to building your robot.

53 Results
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