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using the fusion GUI to configure a sequencer

Using the Fusion Digital Power Designer

The Fusion Digital Power Designer is packed with features. Explore below to learn how to use them all.

Working with TI Sequencers

Here, you will find a series of design and application notes, blogs, and videos that showcase how the sequencers can be used in a number of applications, and hopefully address some issues you might encounter when using this family of devices.


Design Considerations

UCD90XXX devices can be used for a number of functions beyond simple power sequencing. Here are some tips and tricks when implanting the devices in specific situations.

Application and Design Notes

Software Support

The UCD90XXX sequencer family can be programmed and configured in PMBus and I2C, but TI’s easy to use Fusion Digital Power™ GUI enables the designer to do as much without ever writing a single line of code. Below you will find some training videos for using this GUI as well as some other application notes to support programming in PMBus.

Application  and Design Notes

WEBENCH(R) Power Designer: Simulation Overview

This video describes the third step of the WEBENCH process--running electrical simulations of your customized designs.

WEBENCH(R) Power Designer: Export Overview

This video describes the final step of the WEBENCH process--exporting your completed design files to your CAD tool, PDF or a sharing platform.

Battery chargers

Watch recorded sessions from battery chargers track. For your convenience some of the sessions were split into smaller sessions. 

Battery gauges

Watch recorded sessions from battery gauges track. For your convenience some of the sessions were split into smaller sessions. 

Battery monitoring and protection

Watch recorded sessions from battery monitoring and protection track. For your convenience some of the sessions were split into smaller sessions. 
South Asia Industrial Webinar

Design considerations for USB type-C power delivery

The presentation addresses the design consideration of USB Type-C power delivery. USB Type-C is the new trend of Industrial, automotive and personal electronics devices. In the training, audience will be able to learn more about USB Type-C power delivery (PD) requirement and understand architecture of USB Type-C PD, AC/DC power source.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Demystifying circuit design with Precision DAC

The presentation addresses the Precision DAC Architecture overview, DAC spec parameters and the theory of operation & Design example. All the information is importer for engineer when work on the system design.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Environmental sensor for building automation design

Building automation system is a communication network infrastructure that manages the building service. This training will introduce the environmental sensor black diagram, key reference design and the solution for IC temperature sensor, power saving analog temperature sensor, digital temperature sensor … etc.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

SAR ADC Design

Targeting the Test and Measurement application, this section includes many topics relevant to designing with SAR ADC devices.

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Introduce high power DC/DC conversion design: comparison of PSFB and FB-LLC

The “conventional wisdom” is that the Phase Shifted Full Bridge (PSFB) topology is the best choice for high power DC/DC converter applications. However, the “conventional wisdom” has been challenged by the users who are choosing the Full Bridge LLC (FB-LLC) topology for applications where we would normally suggest the PSFB topology. The speaker provides a clear comparison between the two typologies and tries to indicate which is best in a given application
South Asia Industrial Webinar

Overview of commonly-used interface for industrial application

The training provides a very comprehensive introduction of the commonly-used interface including RS-485, RS-422, ProfiBus, RS-232, IO-Link, CAN and LIN. These interfaces are used in the application of Factory Automation and some other industrial application. For the engineer who needs to deal with interface system design, this is a very useful training.

Applications of voltage supervisors (reset ICs)

Overview of supply voltage supervisors

This video will cover the first section of the training module that provides an overview of supply voltage supervisors. We will start with a brief introduction to Supply Voltage Supervisors. Next, we will present some system level design challenges that can be solved using the Supply Voltage Supervisors and end the presentation with information on finding the right collateral and resources for further help.

Applications of voltage supervisors (reset ICs)

Applications of voltage supervisors in grid infrastructure

Leakage current detection is necessary in most of the industrial and residential breakers as well as in many EEQ such as EV chargers, PV inverters etc. In this course we’ll deep dive into circuit breakers and review TIDA-010041 reference design that provides an easy and efficient method of detecting residual current or ground fault by leveraging voltage supervisor IC. This solution also finds application in over-voltage detection in binary input module EEQ. In addition, this also includes power sequencing using supply voltage supervisors.

Overview of industrial applications that require low quiescent current

This section will provide an overview of two applications which require low standby power -  specifically, high cell count battery pack based end-equipments and field transmitters.

Low quiescent current, wide VIN dc-dc converters

This video provides an introduction to TI's portfolio of low quiescent current, wide input dc-dc converters

What low quiescent current means for your application

You've heard of low quiescent current, or low Iq, but what does it mean for your design? In this training, learn how low quiescent current impacts your power supply performance, along with the benefits of alower quiescent current DC/DC switching converter

1144 Results
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