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Digital Power Supply Design Workshop

March 3, 2020 9:00 am in Garching, Germany
Laboratory based digital power supply design workshop providing design engineers an in-depth look at the design of modern, robust switch mode power supplies.
Learn the basics and more advanced application concepts for implementing eFuse protection ICs

Accomplish straightforward system protection with fully integrated eFuses

eFuses are highly integrated ICs that offer device and system-level protection at the input or the output. Traditionally, complete power path protection circuitry was accomplished with a handful of discrete components – components that can use up to 70% greater board space, introduce unnecessary design hurdles, and potentially slow your time to market if UL recognition is required. Those problems are eliminated with our fully integrated eFuses that include over current, over voltage, reverse polarity and more essential protection functions.

Discover resources to help with efuse design in industrial, automotive and enterprise systems

Application-specific resources for eFuses

Enterprise data centers. Programmable logic controllers for fully-automated factories. Surround-view systems in your vehicle. What do these applications have common? If a fault impacts the power rails, the impact could be disastrous. Browse our video content or fully tested reference designs to see how our protection devices are solving real-world problems for these spaces.

Design tips for eFuse protection ICs

Design tips for common eFuse use-cases

Or, jump right into our parametric table below to find the eFuse that meets your specification. 

Basic background on eFuse protection ICs

The basics: When and how to use eFuses

Browse through our beginner resources below if you’re brand new to eFuses or need a refresher on common eFuse functions.

LM5155 boost controller

LM5155 and LM51551 Boost Controller Overview

January 6, 2020

An overview of the LM5155 and LM51551 boost controller family.
Explore where Power over Ethernet is power method choice for industrial systems with ethernet capability

Power over Ethernet (PoE) in Industrial Applications

December 13, 2019
PoE helps to reduce power cabling where CAT5 is already needed for data. Watch this webinar to understand when/why PoE makes sense for many industrial systems.

Unlock improved power module thermal performance with TPSM53604 and RLF QFN packaging

December 12, 2019

Improve power module thermal performance with a smaller footprint using TPSM53604 and RLF QFN packaging

Maximizing 36V, 4A power density with enhanced thermal performance

December 12, 2019

Learn how to increase power module efficiency with TPSM53604 and RLF QFN packaging

Type-C PD 於工業電腦與電子銷售系統的應用

課程說明 USB 的演進,並說明了 Type C 的通訊協定、電源傳輸協定,最後介紹了不同使用情境下 TI 的相關應用晶片。

Boost Converters and Controllers

December 5, 2019

Boost Converter & Controller Solutions new products/reference design update

Application-Specific EMI Considerations

Some systems simply require more attention than others when it comes to EMI. In this section, we will examine some of those specific end applications and provide some helpful hints to reach EMI targets with each.


EMI: The Fundamentals

Before we dive into specific application-based examples of noise and EMI mitigation, let's start with the basics. What is EMI? How is this different from noise? What is ripple? How are they measured? What are some common approaches to limiting their effects? This section discusses these topics with a more conceptual approach to serve as a primer for the rest of the series. 


Enhancing power supply performance with the TPSM53604 power module

Reducing power supply solution size has traditionally come at the expense of reduced efficiency and thermal performance. But with TPSM53604 and its routable lead frame (RLF) QFN packaging, this is no longer the case. See how you can leverage the TPSM53604 in your next design to buck the trend and set a new bar for power module size and performance.

Introduction to new VRef and Supervisors

Voltage References & Supervisors (VRS)

November 15, 2019

Explore new additions to the Voltage Reference and Supervisor portfolios including the newly released TLV803/9E and TL431/2LI devices.

Reducing EMI via considerations external to the IC

For many engineers, layout for EMI mitigation is a black art. It may seem like the slightest adjustment could be the difference between passing or failing CISPR standards. Because of this, some power designers may shy away from using devices with switching elements as a guaranteed way to avoid the headache of reducing emissions. But this may be trading one problem for another, as switching devices generally have better efficiency and thermal performance.

Modules EMI

Reducing EMI through device selection

Efficiently addressing EMI starts at the device selection stage. On-silicon technologies like spread spectrum or unique packaging approaches like HotRod™ QFN can help reduce EMI before we even begin the discussion of component layout and filtering. 


How to protect your >10s battery pack using battery monitors with integrated FET & fuse controls

November 14, 2019

How high side FETs and fuse are supported for >10s battery pack designs to help designers with BQ76952

Designing a Low EMI Power Supply

Mitigating EMI is seen by engineers as a black art. Choose the wrong feature set - or mess with the feng shui of the PCB layout too much - and the system may not pass stringent CISPR standards. 

This training series - along with all of the accompanying documentation - is an aggregation of reference materials showing how engineers an easier path to design an efficient power supply that meets EMI requirements.

Common Mistakes in Flyback Power Supplies and How to Fix Them - Audible Noise and Input Capacitors

November 4, 2019

Learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes when designing an AC/DC flyback converter.
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