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Driving inductive loads with power switches

March 27, 2019

Driving inductive loads using power switches and design considerations
Foundational training for power muxing

What is power muxing?

March 28, 2019

This video is an introduction to power muxing systems and solutions.

High side switches: Driving, diagnosing and protecting loads in industrial applications

April 2, 2019

An overview of the considerations involved in designing industrial systems using High Side Switches for driving, protecting, and diagnosing loads.

Dual active bridge DC:DC power stage for a level 3 (fast) EV charging station (pile)

June 27, 2019

Bi-directional, dual active bridge reference design for level 3 electric vehicle charging stations.
discover the tradeoffs of discrete reverse battery and reverse current circuits

Using ideal diodes for reverse battery & current protection

July 12, 2019

Using ideal diodes for reverse battery & current protection
eFuses for overvoltage protection and inrush current limiting

Using eFuses for overvoltage and inrush current protection

August 6, 2019

Using diodes, MOSFETS, and/or BJTs for input power protection? Watch this quick overview to see why a UL certified eFuse IC might be your best bet.
protection and diagnostics using a high side switch

Using high side switches for output power protection & diagnostics

August 9, 2019

High side switches are capable of driving a variety of loads. Learn how they also can drive greater system simplicity with adjustable current limiting.
Automotive front end power stage

Automotive transients introduction

This video presents a short overview of automotive frond-end and the transients tackled by the frond-end power conversion stage connected to an automotive battery rail.

Automotive front end power stage

Automotive transients explained

This section presents a high level overview of automotive board net and the describes the conditions that the the tests simulate. These include:

  • Reverse polarity
  • Jump start
  • Load sump
  • Starting profile
  • Superimposed ac
Automotive front end power stage

Architecting the dc-dc stage for automotive transients

This section presents an approach to architecting the dc-dc conversion stage to handle the transients on automotive battery rail. Following topologies are covered:

  • Buck-boost
  • Always-on boost + buck
  • On-demand boost + buck
  • Buck + post boost

Pro/cons of the different approaches are also discussed.

Automotive front end power stage

Reverse battery protection

This section presents the different methods of protecting the electronic loads connected to the automotive battery rail in the event of accidental reverse battery connection. The methods covered include:

  • Schottky diode
  • PFET + discretes
  • Smart diode + NFET
Automotive front end power stage

Riding out automotive transients using buck-boost dc-dc stage

This section presents the buck-boost dc-dc converter as an effective and efficient solution for the wide vin automotive battery rail. The advantages compared to pre-boost and two stage solutions are presented. Also contains an overview of buck-boost converter and controller offerings convering various current and power levels.

Reduce design risk for Low Earth Orbit satellites and other New Space applications

When: October 8, 2019 2:00 pm
What is NewSpace? What does it mean for satellite design? Explore products that meet quality & reliability requirements for short space flights and LEO designs.
Watch this training to understand how input power protection devices like TI's eFuses can improve the efficiency and uptime of rack-based systems.

Minimizing system downtime in data centers and rack-based systems

November 1, 2019

Watch this short video for an overview of how a 15A, 2.7mΩ eFuse can protect your power path against transients and improve uptime of enterprise systems.
Basic background on eFuse protection ICs

The basics: When and how to use eFuses

Browse through our beginner resources below if you’re brand new to eFuses or need a refresher on common eFuse functions.

Design tips for eFuse protection ICs

Design tips for common eFuse use-cases

Or, jump right into our parametric table below to find the eFuse that meets your specification. 

Discover resources to help with efuse design in industrial, automotive and enterprise systems

Application-specific resources for eFuses

Enterprise data centers. Programmable logic controllers for fully-automated factories. Surround-view systems in your vehicle. What do these applications have common? If a fault impacts the power rails, the impact could be disastrous. Browse our video content or fully tested reference designs to see how our protection devices are solving real-world problems for these spaces.

Learn the basics and more advanced application concepts for implementing eFuse protection ICs

Accomplish straightforward system protection with fully integrated eFuses

eFuses are highly integrated ICs that offer device and system-level protection at the input or the output. Traditionally, complete power path protection circuitry was accomplished with a handful of discrete components – components that can use up to 70% greater board space, introduce unnecessary design hurdles, and potentially slow your time to market if UL recognition is required. Those problems are eliminated with our fully integrated eFuses that include over current, over voltage, reverse polarity and more essential protection functions.

Power Conversion Techniques for Complying with Automotive Emissions Requirements: EMI Sources and CISPR 25 limits

February 10, 2020

This video explores sources of EMI in switching power converters and discusses CISPR 25 emissions limits.
stackable buck converter

DC/DC converter stacking to 160A with integrated PMBus monitoring

March 16, 2020

Stackable DC/DC converter family with integrated monitoring, featuring TPS546D24A
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