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Automotive TFT LCD Display Solution

April 6, 2015

This reference design implements multi-touch with haptic feedback, LCD backlight controldimming ratio of >10,000:1, switching frequency ~2.2MHz, hybrid dimming

TI-RSLK Module 11 – Liquid Crystal Display

This module will show you how to display characters and provide real-time debugging on an LCD screen. An LCD on your robot provides a convenient way to observe what it is thinking.

The First 48 - Channel LED Display Driver Family

November 8, 2014

This video contains a demo of the 64x64 Full Color (R/G/B) LED Matrix with High Multiplexing Reference Design from the TI Designs Reference Design Library, alo

Demonstrating RGB to OLDI/LVDS Display Bridge Reference Design for Sitara™ Processors

August 3, 2018

This video provides an overview of the OLDI/LVDS display bridge reference design (TIDA-010013) for Sitara processors.
DLP Labs, DLP training, DLP Technology, dlp auto, solar load, augmented reality head up display, ar hud

The importance of solar load modeling in augmented reality head-up displays

December 5, 2018

This video will provide an overview of the importance of solar load modeling in augmented reality head-up displays

Multi-camera systems with DS90UB960 deserializer hub and TDA SoCs: Aggregation & replication

April 1, 2019

This video showcases creative multi-camera aggregation & replication use cases for DS90UB960 deserializer hub and TDA ADS System-on-Chip (SoC) processors.
DLP Labs, DLP training, DLP Technology, projectors, projector specifications, projector offset, digital micromirror device, dmd, dlp dmd, telecentricity

Common Projection Lens Specifications

January 14, 2020

This training module will define throw ratio, offset and telecentricity in projection systems and explore the design tradeoffs inherent to these properties.

TAS5825M Hybrid PWM Modulation to Improve Battery Efficiency

Compared with traditional PWM modulation, TAS5825M develops innovative Hybrid modulation, which dynamically maintains differential switching with several common duty options.

The benefits of Hybrid PWM modulation mainly includes:

  1. Higher efficiency for longer battery lifetime
  2. Good THD+N performance
  3. Ultra-low idle power dissipation and idle noise

TAS5825M Innovation Features Overview

What are the audio amplifier requirements for wireless / AI speaker? How TAS5825M improve battery lifetime and audio quality?

This section provides the overview of TAS5825M innovation features.

TAS5825M Thermal Foldback, Inductor Free and Audio DSP Resource

This training section descripts some innovation features of TAS5825M, which includes:

  1. Real-time thermal foldback: maintain max safe output power for uninterrupted listening experience
  2. 122MHz DSP resource: 192kHz high definition audio processing or Smart Amp algorithm for better speaker protection
  3. Inductor less: state-of-the-art EMI reduction technology

How to Improve Battery Efficiency and Audio Quality with TAS5825M Audio Amplifier

As the entrance of search engine, the explosive growth in wireless speaker or AI speaker is driving the new requirements of audio amplifier - higher efficiency and better audio quality.

Facing these new challenges, TAS5825M (closed loop classD with 38W stereo output) develops a lot of advanced features compared with traditional audio amplifier, which includes:

Get started today with TIDA-01589

Simplify Your Smart Home Audio Project with the Two-Way Audio Reference Design

June 4, 2019

Learn about the two-way audio reference design and how it uses TI Smart Amp to enable big sound from small speakers and accelerates your project timeline.

TINA-TI(TM) Waveform Viewer, Part 1

April 15, 2016

How to use TINA-TI's waveform viewer to display and interpret your simulation results.
PSpice for TI - AC Sweep Analysis

PSpice for TI: AC Sweep Analysis

June 9, 2020

Learn how to perform an AC sweep analysis and display a bode plot within the PSpice® for TI tool representing frequency gain and phase in your circuit.

Using EnergyTrace Technology with the Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment

May 26, 2015

EnergyTrace technology is an energy-based code analysis tool that measures and displays the application’s energy profile and helps to optimize it for ultra-low-

Improve Bass and Loudness with Smart Amp Using the TAS5825M Class-D Audio Amplifier

April 2, 2019

See how TI Audio's Smart Amp technology increases loudness and improves frequency response with an A / B comparison

RedBearLab WiFi Mini BLE Scanner @ Maker Faire Bay Area 2015

May 28, 2015

In this demo, a BLE to Wi-Fi gateway is shown that scans the BLE devices in the area and displays them on a webpage hosted by the WiFi Mini. The software is all

How to use the Power Stage Designer™ tool

January 22, 2018

Watch this brief tutorial on how to use Power Stage Designer™ to help you with your next power supply design.

Combining LED Lighting and Audio with TIDA-03026

October 28, 2016

This video demonstrates how you can use TIDA-03026 to drive multiple status indication LEDs by implementing LED drivers in parallel with a load switch

PSpice for TI: Advanced Analysis

Whether you are a first time user of the PSpice for TI design and simulation tool or an expert in PSpice simulation, these videos provide quick explination on how to perform advanced analysis within the tool.  Everything from sweep analysis to 3rd party tool import, we have the resources to make your simulation easy. 
102 Results
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