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Time of Flight & LIDAR (ToF) - Optical Front End Reference Design

Time of Flight & LIDAR - Optical Front End Reference Design

December 13, 2018

Reference design overview that showcases TI high speed amplifiers, comparators, and time-to-digital converters in a optical time of flight (ToF) system.

Optical Distance/Displacement Sensor Measurement Based on ToF and Phase Shift

November 10, 2016

This training module provides an overview of laser rangefinding techniques using high-speed signal chain devices.

TX Signal Chain Implementation for Wide Band and High Frequency Signal Generation

November 10, 2016

The system design for an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and its functional blocks, including a discussion of the AWG amplifier path and design methodology.

Introduction to TI’s Enhanced Products for Harsh Environments

June 24, 2016

TI set the standard for Enhanced Products. Learn how these ruggedized COTS can support your next mission.
Precision Top

TI Precision Labs

TI Precision Labs (TIPL) is the most comprehensive online classroom for analog signal chain designers. From foundational knowledge to advanced concepts, our logical, sequenced and comprehensive teaching approach is both intuitive and practical. The training series, which includes videos and downloadable reference materials, will deepen the technical expertise of experienced engineers and accelerate the development of those early in their career.

アナログ・セミナー・ビデオ集 TI プレシジョン・ラボ

August 18, 2019

アナログ・セミナー TIプレシジョン・ラボは、エンジニア向けにアンプやアイソレータなどの短い製品分野別オンラインセミナー・ビデオ集です。

Utilizing JESD204B interface in low cost applications

November 8, 2014

Get an overview of the 4-channel, 50-MSPS DEV-ADC34J22 evaluation module. The board features TI's ADC34J22 ADC, LMK04828 jitter cleaner and THS4541 fully diffe

Design Details for TI design TIDA-00834 High Accuracy Analog Front End Using 16-Bit SAR ADC with ±10V Measurement Range Reference Design

Fifth part of the session will focus on providing detailed information on TIDA-00834 TI design.  The initial slides cover Design Overview, Features, Key Components, test Setup, market differentiators, Block Diagram with links to relevant TI Designs, EVMs and TI product used in this design. Circuit representation and detailed description for ADC interface, Voltage and Current measurement and Power supply are provided. Graphs for Voltage and Current measurement accuracy are shown; along with collaterals and TI design links that can be referred by customers during design.

LMH3401 7GHz Fully Differential High-Speed Amplifier Overview

June 27, 2017

LMH3401 7-GHz, fully differential ultra-wide band amplifier provides a fixed gain of 16 dB and is well suited for use in DC to radio frequency applications.
Smoke/Heat Detector TI Solutions

Achieve Precise Measurement for Smoke Detector Designs

October 25, 2017

This video provides an introduction to the internal components of typical smoke detectors.

Electrical Fundamentals and Need for power systems protection

Welcome to the world of Power Systems. The first part of the session focuses on Introduction to Power Systems, Goal of Power systems protection, fundamentals of Electricity, AC or DC, Importance of electricity, Power system voltage levels and consumers of electricity. Need and Complexities in protection of power system primary Equipment like Generators, Motors, Transformers and Circuit Breakers and finally analysis of what can go wrong on a transmission line.

Introduction to Protection Relay and Power Systems Faults

Second part of the session explains use case for protection relay, the sequence of events during a fault, Fault Types and the approach for fault analysis. The Session also explains commonly used protection relays and application of different relays along the grid for protection of Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Industrial equipment, Evolution of protection relays from traditional mechanical, static and the current generation digital relays.

AC Analog Input Module Architecture (AIM)

The third part of the session provides details on the need to focus on AC analog input module and its use cases in different types of protection relays, Different types of current sensors and the use cases for these sensors including key advantages and dis-advantages. Explains AC analog input module architecture including block diagram showing the critical products and EERD with different subsystems identified showing different approaches for designing an AC AIM.

Selection of Key Components (ADC, Signal Conditioning Amplifier) for AC Analog Input Module (AIM)

Fourth part of the session explains representation of Voltage or Current waveforms in Time and frequency domain and also looks at the customer use case for application of Time or frequency domain Analysis. The session also explains different sampling approaches like Simultaneous sampling, Coherent sampling, Oversampling to improve system performance, criteria for ADC selection and choice between SAR and Delta-Sigma ADCs. There is a list of TI products that can be considered during the design of the AIM and finally provides overview for Focus ADCs for this session.

High Accuracy AC Analog Input Module for Voltage & Current measurement using High Resolution Precision ADC for Protection Relay

Welcome to the world of power systems. This training session covers quick introduction to power systems and need for protection relay, protection relay modular architecture, AC analog input module (AIM), key specifications, time and frequency domain analysis, coherent, simultaneous and over sampling, selection of ADC and other key components and TI solutions. Design details for TI Design TIDA-00834 and links to TI designs customer can refer when designing AIM.

Combining LED Lighting and Audio with TIDA-03026

October 28, 2016

This video demonstrates how you can use TIDA-03026 to drive multiple status indication LEDs by implementing LED drivers in parallel with a load switch

Dual active bridge DC:DC power stage for a level 3 (fast) EV charging station (pile)

June 27, 2019

Bi-directional, dual active bridge reference design for level 3 electric vehicle charging stations.

Interface to Sin/Cos Encoders with High-Res Position Interpolation

September 25, 2015

Learn more about the TIDA-00176 reference design that is an EMC-compliant industrial interface to Sin/Cos position encoders. Applications include industrial dri
10kW 3-Phase 3-Level SiC Grid Tie Inverter Reference Design

10kW 3-Phase 3-Level SiC T-Type Inverter Reference Design

March 7, 2018

Highlights TI's verified reference design that provides an overview on how to implement a three-level, three phase SiC based DC:AC T-type inverter stage

THS4551 評価モジュール(EVM) の概要

September 12, 2016

今日は、TI の THS4551 DGK 評価モジュール(EVM) の重要な機能のデモを行います。
233 Results
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