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High speed signal chain university

High speed signal chain university is your portal to relevant training material on high speed data converters and high speed amplifiers.

Choosing the best ADC architecture for your application

This video series provides information about the differences between the architectures of SAR ADCs and delta-sigma ADCs.

Lessons for precision DACs

Learn the basics of precision digital-to-analog converters (DACs), including code-to-code glitch, calibration, common sources for error and more.
Engineer It Analog How-to Training

Engineer it

This series provides fundamental knowledge and solutions to overcome design challenges.


This three-part training series introduces fundamentals and tips for leveraging the JESD204B serial interface standard.

WEBENCH® tools for signal chain basics

The goal of this training series is to familiarize the student with the breadth and capabilities of WEBENCH tools.

Webinar Series

Join our webinar series as we explore different industry trends and technologies across our diverse product portfolio.
Tech Days

Technical seminar

Review sessions from Tech Day.
Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) TI Precision Labs

TI Precision Labs - ADCs

On-demand courses and tutorials covering ADCs (analog-to-digital converters or A/D converters).

High accuracy AC analog input module for voltage and current measurement using high resolution precision ADC for protection relay

This training provides an overview of protection relays and the use of high accuracy analog front end for voltage and current measurement for protection relays.

Designing with Delta-Sigma ADCs: System design considerations to optimize performance

In this training series, you will how delta-sigma ADCs sample, how signals alias and understand which design parameters are most important.

How to measure ECG: A guide to the signals, system blocks and solutions

This training series explains the clinical basics of ECG, the physiology behind the signal and how to model the body with ideal electrical components.

Precision temperature measurement in heat and cold meters

How to use our ADS1220 Delta-Sigma converter family for precise temperature measurement in heat and cold meter applications with standard RTDs.

The HART of the current loop: Designing SMART field transmitters and PLCs with our very first HART modem

This presentation series covers analog output design and how HART is used in both analog input modules and analog output modules.

Signal acquisition system using our high resolution SAR converters

The training describes a design for CW Doppler signal conditioning for an ultrasound machine that utilizes our 20-bit SAR ADC.

Power distribution for SoC and FPGA applications

In this training series, we examine the power requirements of SoC and FPGA devices and discuss the optimal approach to powering them for specific use cases.

Precision DACs (<=10MSPS) – Learning center

The Precision DAC Learning Center is a collection of technical content that will help guide you through the precision DAC design process.

How to synchronize high speed multi-channel clocks?

This training explains how to synchronize high speed multi-channel clocks used in high-speed end equipment with multi-channel transceiver system.
South Asia Industrial Webinar

2018 South Asia Industrial webinar series

The topics will cover system design issues and solutions for building automation, power delivery and test & measurement.

How to design high-accuracy CT-based split-phase electricity meters using standalone metrology ADCs

How to design electricity meters using the ADS131M04 standalone delta-sigma metrology ADCs and the use of TIDA-010037 reference design.
88 Results
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