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You CAN have both - low noise AND high efficiency

This series covers advances in low-noise and high efficiency DC/DC converters

Wide Input DC-DC Converters Servicing Low Quiescent Current Needs in Industrial Applications

This training will cover an overview of battery powered industrial applications and the specific low power consumption requirements for these end equipment.

WEBENCH® Power Designer: Step by step

This video series describes each step of the WEBENCH® process: Device selection, customization, simulation, and exporting designs to the next environment.

Voltage Regulator Design and Optimization for High-Current, Fast-Slew-Rate Load Transients

Learn techniques to design your regulator to high performance transient specifications

Understanding the fundamental technologies of power density

This five-part training video series will explain the importance and value of power density in modern power-delivery solutions. 

Troubleshooting Bucks Training Series

This series of videos will discuss common issues and debug tips and tricks for buck converters and controllers.

Transient Response

This section will compare the transient response of the 3 solutions.

Topology Comparison

This section will compare the 2 different topologies chosen for this comparison


This section will compare the thermal images and results for the 3 solutions tested.

Testing in the Lab

Testing a six phase buck regulator in the lab, including testing transient response, input and output ripple, phase stability, and thermal performance.
t-60 space grade video training series

T-60: Space-Grade Design Video Training Series

Everything you need to know about designing for space applications, from general terminology to details on design specifications.

Switching power supply component selection

This 7-part series discusses tips and best practices for selecting the appropriate components for your switching power supply.

Switching Frequency Considerations

This section will cover issue to consider when choosing your switching frequency


Summary of the testing results

Solutions Size Comparison

This section will compare the size of the solution for the 3 different designs.

Solution Comparison

This section will compare the schematics and components chosen for the 3 solutions used in this comparison

Series Capacitor Selection

This section will cover the selection of the series capacitor for the TPS54A20
Automotive front end power stage

Riding Out Automotive Transients: Architecting Front End Power Conversion Stage for Automotive Off-Battery Loads

This presentation explains automotive transients and the approaches to tackle these transients while architecting the power conversion stage.
Automotive front end power stage

Riding out automotive transients using buck-boost dc-dc stage

This section presents the buck-boost dc-dc converter as an effective and efficient solution for the wide vin automotive battery rail. The advantages compared
Automotive front end power stage

Reverse battery protection

This section presents the different methods of protecting the electronic loads connected to the automotive battery rail in the event of accidental reverse
89 Results
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