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Troubleshooting a DAC

Running into trouble?! Don't worry, the right solution is just a click away. 

Precision Top

TI Precision Labs

TI Precision Labs (TIPL) is the most comprehensive online classroom for analog signal chain designers. From foundational knowledge to advanced concepts, our logical, sequenced and comprehensive teaching approach is both intuitive and practical. The training series, which includes videos and downloadable reference materials, will deepen the technical expertise of experienced engineers and accelerate the development of those early in their career.

The HART of the Current Loop: Designing SMART Field Transmitters and PLCs with TI's Very First HART Modem

This presentation series covers analog output design and how HART is used in both analog input modules and analog output modules. It also provides information on the HART testing and certification process.


How do DAC specifications change and enhance your design? Find out here. 


South Asia Industrial Webinar

SAR ADC Design

Targeting the Test and Measurement application, this section includes many topics relevant to designing with SAR ADC devices.

Precision DACs (<=10MSPS) – Learning center

The Precision DAC Learning Center is a collection of technical content that will help guide you through the precision DAC design process. Whether you are learning the basics of digital-to-analog conversion or trying to understand how to implement a precision DAC in your system, this learning center provides a range of videos, articles, and blogs to help you along the way.

Power control

Dig in to voltage monitoring and control with your DAC. 


South Asia Industrial Webinar

Overview of commonly-used interface for industrial application

The training provides a very comprehensive introduction of the commonly-used interface including RS-485, RS-422, ProfiBus, RS-232, IO-Link, CAN and LIN. These interfaces are used in the application of Factory Automation and some other industrial application. For the engineer who needs to deal with interface system design, this is a very useful training.


Learn more about DAC SPICE models and use cases. 


Lessons for Precision DACs

This series provides lessons on some basic topics regarding precision digital-to-analog converters (DACs). The videos in this series cover a variety of topics including code-to-code glitch, calibration, common sources for error, and much more. 

South Asia Industrial Webinar

Introduce high power DC/DC conversion design: comparison of PSFB and FB-LLC

The “conventional wisdom” is that the Phase Shifted Full Bridge (PSFB) topology is the best choice for high power DC/DC converter applications. However, the “conventional wisdom” has been challenged by the users who are choosing the Full Bridge LLC (FB-LLC) topology for applications where we would normally suggest the PSFB topology. The speaker provides a clear comparison between the two typologies and tries to indicate which is best in a given application

Identifying the right DAC

With so many options available, how do you chose the right DAC? Let us help! 


Become familiar with TI's DAC portfolio and what it offers your designs. 


Factory automation and control

Go-to information for DACs in factory automation and control applications. 


South Asia Industrial Webinar

Environmental sensor for building automation design

Building automation system is a communication network infrastructure that manages the building service. This training will introduce the environmental sensor black diagram, key reference design and the solution for IC temperature sensor, power saving analog temperature sensor, digital temperature sensor … etc.

Designing SMART Field Transmitters and PLCs with HART: Overview of Analog Output Modules

This presentation gives an overview of 2-wire and 3-wire analog output modules for PLCs and field transmitters. It covers where analog outputs are used in industrial automation. The 2-wire and 3-wire typologies are defined and isolation cases are considered.

Designing SMART Field Transmitters and PLCs with HART: HART Overview

This presentation provides an overview of HART communication in field transmitters and PLCs. It shows how HART is implemented in both input and output modules.

Designing SMART Field Transmitters and PLCs with HART: 3-wire Transmitter Design

This presentation covers 3-wire analog output circuit design. The derivation of the 3-wire transfer function is shown and design considerations are provided.

Designing SMART Field Transmitters and PLCs with HART: 2-Wire Transmitter Design and HART Testing

This presentation provides a 2-wire HART enabled transmitter design example with HART testing considerations. It covers the design steps and goes over the important tests to meet HART compliance.

Designing SMART Field Transmitters and PLCs with HART: 2-wire Transmitter Design

This presentation covers 3-wire analog output circuit design. The derivation of the 3-wire transfer function is shown and design considerations are provided.
26 Results
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