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2020 TI 嵌入式产品研讨会

这里有最全面的 TI 嵌入式处理器产品组合、最热门的无线连接、微控制器、处理器技术以及毫米波传感器解决方案、最前沿的系统解决方案、最新的产品介绍以及方便易用的平台及工具,满足您各类设计需求,助力每个项目的快速上市!
25 functions for 25 cents using TI’s MSP430 Value Line Sensing microcontrollers

25 functions for 25 cents video series

Learn how MSP430 MCUs can be used to enhance communication, pulse width modulation, systems and housekeeping, and timer functions in your next design.

Advanced signal processing on 16-bit MSP430™ FRAM MCUs with low energy accelerator (LEA)

This training series covers LEA, a vector math co-processor, the performance benchmark and how to get started.

AMIC110 multiprotocol industrial interface for closed-loop Delfino™ control systems

AMIC110 was developed to provide a single low-cost, high-utility industrial communications solution supporting multiple communications protocols with software.

Application demos of capacitive touch featuring MSP430™ MCUs with CapTIvate™ technology

Watch the videos in this series to get an idea of the capabilities CapTIvate technology can bring to your next application.

Bluetooth® 5 overview on the SimpleLink CC2640R2F wireless MCU

Introducing our fully qualified hardware and software solution for Bluetooth® 5.
SimpleLink Academy for MSP432

Bluetooth® Low Energy

The SimpleLink™ MSP432 device can be paired with the CC26xx Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) device to create BLE-connected applications.
SimpleLink Academy - Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth® Low Energy

Get up and running with Bluetooth® Low Energy-enabled projects.
simplelink academy, TI simplelink academy training, simplelink training, software training, sdk training

Bluetooth® Low Energy

Applicable for all Bluetooth® devices

BOOSTXL-CAPKEYPAD capacitive touch BoosterPack module introduction and demos

This series provides an overview of the BOOSTXL-CAPKEYPAD capacitive touch BoosterPack plug-in module.

C2000™ Concerto™ F28M3x microcontroller

This series defines the position of the Concerto MCU devices in the C2000 MCU family and discusses their features and benefits.
C2000 Devices in Sensing and DSP Processing Applications

C2000™ devices in sensing and DSP processing applications

Learn how C2000 devices excel in sensing and DSP processing applications.

C2000™ digital power

Learn more about digital power control, specific applications, development tools, or review device specific instructions.

C2000™ digital power

This training series covers the basics of digital power control and how to implement it on C2000 microcontrollers.

C2000™ digital power

This training series covers the basics of digital power control and how to implement it on C2000 microcontrollers.

C2000™ Digital Power Supply workshop

Digital Power Supply workshop is no longer being maintained, yet still has helpful source code for your development

C2000™ electric vehicle

This C2000 video series includes all EV-specific videos and training modules.
C2000 F28379D Workshop

C2000™ F2837xD microcontroller one-day workshop series

The C2000 F2837xD microcontroller one-day workshop is a hands-on technical course based on the dual-core TMS320F28379D device.

C2000™ family devices

Explore training modules to gain an understanding of Control Law Accelerator (CLA) and its benefits to the C2000 family of MCUs.

C2000™ functional safety tunable FMEDA training

This five-part training series covers various topics regarding C2000 tunable FMEDA.
187 Results
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