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Wireless network challenges and solutions for a smarter grid IoT

This training will cover system- and software-level deep-dives on key communication protocols which comprise a 6LoWPAN-based RF network.
SimpleLink Academy for Wi-Fi


Follow the trainings below to learn how to add Wi-Fi to your next CC32x0-based project.

Why design with MSP430FR2355?

This training series showcases the MSP430FR2355 device and how it can help you solve your design challenges.
Connect with SimpleLink MCUs


Meet the Connect hosts, Adrian and Nick, and join us each week for new topics and demos.
Connect with SimpleLink MCUs


Join us for live webinars from the Connect experts.

Webinar Series

Join our webinar series as we explore different industry trends and technologies across our diverse product portfolio.

Use MSP432™ microcontrollers to bring high performance to low-power applications

This series introduces MSP432 microcontrollers, including an overview of features and benefits, out-of-box experience and our cloud development tools.

Ultrasonic sensing gas flow metering

An overview of our ultrasonic sensing solutions for gas flow metering using the MSP430FR6043 family of system-on-chips, including the EVM and associated tools.
Ultrasonic water meters have improved accuracy and precision to detect the smallest leaks to reduce water waste.

Ultrasonic sensing for more accurate and precise water flow meters

Overview of the MSP430FR6047 MCU-based ultrasonic sensing to get you started evaluating and designing with the MCU and related hardware and software.


An introduction to the tools that make development with the Piccolo™ family easier, including real-time features, software and CLA.


An introduction to real-time features and controlSUITE software.


Gain an understanding of ControlSuite software and how it helps to simplify development.

TM4C129x MCUs

This six-part training will provide technical overviews of various features on the TM4C129x series microcontrollers.
Control Law Accelerator

Tips and tricks

This video deals with some of the common issues users face when writing code for the CLA.
SimpleLink Academy for MSP432

TI-RTOS: Real-time operating system (RTOS)

Check out the training videos to learn about multi-threaded applications and the features available with TI-RTOS.
SimpleLink Academy - Bluetooth low energy

TI-RTOS: Real-time operating system (RTOS)

Check out the training videos to learn about multi-threaded applications and the features available with TI-RTOS.

TI-RSLK Module 9 – SysTick timer

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of SysTick timers and pulse width modulators (PWM).

TI-RSLK Module 8 – Interfacing input and output

The purpose of this module is to develop interface switches and an LED so the robot can effectively detect wall collisions.

TI-RSLK Module 7 – Finite state machines

This module will demonstrate how to use finite state machines as a central controller for the system.

TI-RSLK Module 6 – GPIO

In this module, you will interface a line sensor (infrared sensor) to the microcontroller and learn how to write software to initialize GPIO pins.
173 Results
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