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Webinar Series

Join our webinar series, as we explore different industry trends and technologies across our diverse product portfolio. Over the coming months, our experts will cover the latest analog, power management and embedded processing topics, across both automotive and industrial applications.

TI Precision Labs - Motor Drivers: Stepper Motors

The stepper motor is perhaps the most misunderstood motor type, yet it can provide incredible benefits to systems that require motors to perform simple position control. This video series explains what a stepper motor is, how it works, and how you would drive it.

TI Precision Labs - Motor Drivers: Motor Technology

Motor drivers have evolved over the years to integrate features that decrease component count, improve system protection, or boost motor performance. This video series goes into detail on key features integrated into motor drivers.

TI Precision Labs - Motor Drivers: Introduction

These introduction videos give background on TI Precision Labs and explain their broad appeal to engineers of all experience levels and introduce the three key motor types.

TI Precision Labs - Motor Drivers: Design

Motor drivers, like any other application-specific analog integrated circuit, have key design considerations. Knowing about these important topics can help you design a robust and efficient system. This video series discusses what key considerations you should take into account when designing your motor drive circuits.

TI Precision Labs - Motor Drivers: Brushless-DC Motors

Brushless-DC motors are used to get massive benefits in terms of quietness, efficiency, and power delivery, but there are some hurdles that need to be overcome to get the motor to spin. This video series explains what a brushless-DC motor is, how it works, and how you would drive it.

TI Precision Labs - Motor Drivers: Brushed-DC Motors

The brushed-DC motor is the simplest motor type and knowledge on how to operate a brushed-DC motor is fundamental to learning about motor drivers in general. This video series explains what a brushed-DC motor is, how it works and how you would drive it.

TI Precision Labs - Motor Drivers

Learn more about motor driver types, construction and design in order to reduce design time and develop smarter, safer and smaller motor driver solutions.

TI Precision Labs

TI Precision Labs (TIPL) is the most comprehensive online classroom for analog signal chain designers. From foundational knowledge to advanced concepts, our logical, sequenced and comprehensive teaching approach is both intuitive and practical. The training series, which includes videos and downloadable reference materials, will deepen the technical expertise of experienced engineers and accelerate the development of those early in their career.

Teaching Old Motors New Tricks with C2000 (5-Part Series)

While motor topologies have remained relatively unchanged over the past century, control techniques by comparison have experienced explosive growth. This has been driven in large part by technology advancements in the semiconductor industry. This seminar focuses specifically on advancements in the control of motors, with an emphasis on field-oriented principles with brushless AC motors.

Opportunities and System Design Aspects of Low Voltage Motor Drives in Appliances

Learn about opportunities for low voltage motors in major appliances, small appliances and power tools. Understand power stage architectures, topologies and control methods for low voltage brushed DC, stepper and brushless DC motors as well as the system design aspects, challenges and solutions.

Motor Drives in Appliances: Why Transforming from High Voltage to Low Voltage?

Learn the opportunities of motor drives in appliances and understand why there is clear transformation happening from high voltage to low voltage motor drives

How to Design a Robust, Reliable and Efficient Power Stage for Brushless DC Motor?

Learn about the design challenges for the power stage in a low voltage BLDC motor drive and understand the system solutions enabling high efficient, robust and reliable system.  Also learn about different power supply solutions for low voltage motor control.

Brushless DC Motor Drives: Architectures, Challenges and Solutions

Learn the different power stage architectures and topologies for low voltage brushless DC motor drives and understand typical design challenges and differentiated solutions with integrated motor drivers.

22 Results
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