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MSP430, microcontroller

MSP housekeeping MCUs (English)

A training series to help engineers mix and match common analog and digital functions on a microcontroller.
MSP430, microcontroller

MSP housekeeping MCUs

A training series to help mix and match common analog and digital functions on a microcontroller.

Rapid prototyping - Conclusions

Conclusion of rapid prototyping with a call to action examples as well as simple and complex demonstrations.

Rapid prototyping - Advanced topics

These videos cover advanced rapid prototyping topics including Energia libraries, layering code and debugging NeoPixel.
Rapid prototyping training series

Rapid prototyping - Getting started with our solutions

This series shows you how to get started prototyping on our solutions with minimal or no programming.
Rapid prototyping fundamentals training series

Rapid prototyping - Fundamental functions

The videos in this section provide an understanding of the fundamental functions used for rapid prototyping on our solutions with minimal or no programming.

Digital temperature sensor replacement of RTD sensors with TMP116

The TMP116 digital precision temperature sensor for the -55 to +125ºC range achieves higher accuracy than the Class AA PT sensor with a 1-point calibration.

BOOSTXL-CAPKEYPAD capacitive touch BoosterPack module introduction and demos

This series provides an overview of the BOOSTXL-CAPKEYPAD capacitive touch BoosterPack plug-in module.

Detecting magnetic tampering using hall-effect sensors

In this section, we will cover the use of hall sensors for low-power detection of strong magnetic fields in three dimensions.

Differential Temperature Measurement (DTM) sub-system reference design

TIDA-01526 implements a high-precision DTM sub-system using a 24-bit, low-power, Delta-Sigma ADC.

Embedded processing

Learn more about our embedded processing portfolio and resources.

Fundamental PCB layout and design guidelines of MSP430™ MCUs with CapTIvate™ technology

This training covers the fundamental design techniques required to implement a successful capacitive sensing hardware design.

Hardening a meter against magnetic tamper attacks

In this section, we will cover how to harden a meter against these magnetic tamper attacks by using shunts for current sensors.

Introduction to EMC challenges and design with CapTIvate MCUs

This video series provides a reference on designing capacitive touch capabilities to withstand EMC challenges.
Tech Days

MCU and processor

Learn more about our microcontroller (MCU) and processor solutions.

Measuring RTD sensors with delta-sigma ADS1220 family

ADS1220 delta-sigma family uses the ratiometric approach for measuring RTD sensors with the built-in current excitation source.

MSP Crypto-Bootloader

In this series, we will discuss the various security concerns for in-field firmware updates.

MSP432™ low power and high-performance MCUs

Learn more about the MSP432™ low power and high-performance MCUs.

Overview of temperature measurement in heat meters

This section introduces the heat and cold meter training series.

Power management

Learn more about our power management portfolio.
44 Results
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