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Wireless network challenges and solutions for a smarter grid IoT

This training will cover system- and software-level deep-dives on key communication protocols which comprise a 6LoWPAN-based RF network.

Voltage regulator design and optimization for high-current, fast-slew-rate load transients

Learn techniques to design your regulator to high-performance transient specifications.
Virtualization on Sitara AM-Class Processors Training Series

Virtualization on Sitara™ AM57x processors

An introduction to virtualization and demonstrations of virtualization techniques supported by the Processor SDK for Sitara ARM processors.

USB system design in Sitara™ devices using Linux

This training provides an overview of your USB system design on Sitara embedded processors (AM335x, AM437x, and AM57x) using Linux.

Tools for PRU development

This series provides information on how to get started using the software and tools for developing PRU applications on supported processors.

Time sensitive networking (TSN) system solutions in the factory automation space

Introduction to TSN in the factory automation space, an overview of factory automation end equipment and our solutions to meet the needs of factory automation.

The multichannel audio serial port (McASP) primer

This training series focuses on hardware design for the McASP.
Tech Days

Technical seminar

Review sessions from Tech Day.

TDA2 and TDA3 processors

This training series provides an overview of the evaluation and development platforms and tools we offer on the Jacinto™ TDA2/TDA3 processors.

System-level examples for wireless networks on smart grid IoT

This section covers system-level examples for wireless networks on smart grid IoT.


This section summarizes the wireless network challenges and solutions for a smarter grid IoT training series.

Software frameworks and components

Introduction and overview of some specific software components that are packaged in the Processor SDK vision and/or Processor SDK radar.

Sitara™ processors building blocks for PRU development

This series includes an overview of the PRU subsystem, device and IO integration, application design, and programming model.
Sitara as a Smart Servo Drive Training Series

Sitara™ as a Smart Servo drive

Explore the role of motor drives in the Smart Factory using Sitara-based designs while introducing Smart Servo system concepts with the AM6x Sitara processor.

Sitara™ ARM® Processors Boot Camp

This training series for our Sitara ARM processors provides in-depth technical discussion and hands-on exercises for all aspects of the solution.

Sitara™ AM57x processors

This training provides an in-depth look at the AM57x processors, device support for industrial protocols, as well as development tools and software support.

Running industrial protocols on PRU

These videos introduce the PRU-ICSS protocols built on top of Processor SDK to enable real-time industrial communications for our Sitara™ embedded processors.
Rapid prototyping training series

Rapid prototyping - Getting started with our solutions

This series shows you how to get started prototyping on our solutions with minimal or no programming.

Rapid prototyping - Conclusions

Conclusion of rapid prototyping with a call to action examples as well as simple and complex demonstrations.

Programmable real-time unit and industrial communications subsystem

PRU-ICSS / PRU-ICSSG is a small processor that is tightly integrated with an IO subsystem, offering low-latency control of IO pins on our Sitara™ SoC devices.
82 Results
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