SimpleLink™ Academy for Wi-Fi® CC3x20 SDK

Below are the SimpleLink Academy modules associated to the SimpleLink CC32x0 Wireless MCU.

SimpleLink™ Academy is a collection of curated training modules developed by TI subject matter experts to help developers get up and running as quickly as possible with a SimpleLink MCU device and its SDK. The trainings are delivered using TI Resource Explorer, which offers a powerful cloud-enabled environment that includes background information, interactive exercises, code snippets, quizzes & more. Each SimpleLink MCU & SDK is supported by SimpleLink Academy, and includes a collection of trainings that pertain to the feature set that is available on that given device/SDK. However many of the training modules are applicable & shared between all of the SimpleLink devices.

Take a look at the SimpleLink Academy table of contents below. Find a topic you are interested in? Click the links below to be re-directed to SimpleLink Academy in TI Resource Explorer.

Table of contents

1. Wi-Fi

Follow the trainings below to learn how to add Wi-Fi to your next CC32x0-based project.

# Title Duration
1.1 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3120 and CC3220 out of box demo
The out of box experience with the new SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3220SF LaunchPad development kit and the SimpleLink Wi-Fi Starter Pro mobile app for iOS and...
1.2 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220 Getting Started with Project 0
This will show you how to set up the development environment execute your first application on a SimpleLink CC3220S or CC3220SF LaunchPad development ...
1.3 SimpleLink™ Academy - Wi-Fi | CC3220 Project Zero
CC3220 Project Zero: Getting Started with the Network Terminal Example.This training is delivered as part of SimpleLink™ Academy in TI Resource Explorer,...
1.4 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3120 Getting Started with Project 0
This video will show you how to set up the development environment and execute an application on a CC3120 BoosterPack plug-in module and MSP432 LaunchPad...
1.5 SimpleLink™ Academy - Wi-Fi | CC3220 Portable + Wi-Fi
Adding Wi-Fi functionality on top of the SimpleLink MCU SDK common Portable example with the CC3220.This training is delivered as part of SimpleLink™ Academy...
1.6 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220 Timer Framework
This video will discuss the CC3220 timer framework, including the SysTick Timer, the General Purpose Timer (GPT), etc
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2. TI Drivers

The SimpleLink SDK includes TI Drivers, a robust set of intuitive, functional APIs that offer portable, feature-rich access to peripherals.  The TI Drivers API exposes the functionality of the hardware-specific drivers in the same way across all TI SimpleLink devices, giving developers portable, feature-rich access to a variety of peripherals. TI drivers are open source [Berkeley Software Distribution license (BSD)] and built on a hardware abstraction layer, offering full access to the device’s complete capability.   This device-agnostic approach provides easy portability of the application code across SimpleLink devices now and into the future.

# Title Duration
2.1 SimpleLink™ Academy - TI Drivers | Project Zero
This workshop is a simple introduction for using TI Drivers within the Simplelink™ SDK. To get our feet wet, we are going to start basic & will learn how...
2.2 SimpleLink™ Academy - TI Drivers | Using GUI Composer JTAG/XDS model
This workshop is a continuation of the TI Drivers Project Zero exercise. We will expand on that example by creating a simple PC-side graphical user interface...
2.3 SimpleLink™ Academy - TI Drivers | GPIO Interrupt
This workshop is a simple introduction for setting up GPIO interrupts using TI Drivers within the Simplelink™ SDK. We will be leveraging the gpio_interrupt...
2.4 SimpleLink™ Academy - TI Drivers | Porting TI Drivers
With changing markets and new devices always coming out, software should be written in a manner which allows it to be moved to different devices easily....
2.5 SimpleLink™ Academy - TI Drivers | Configuring TI Drivers
This workshop will dive into the details on how to configure TI Drivers for all SimpleLink Devices. We'll use these different devices in this workshop...
2.6 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC32XX Power Management Framework
The CC3220 wireless MCU has three power modes: Sleep, Low-power deep sleep, and hibernation. Watch this tutorial to learn more!
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The SimpleLink™ SDK features POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface), which is a family of standards specified by the IEEE Computer Society for maintaining compatibility between operating systems. Through POSIX-compliant APIs, developers can maintain 100% application code portability between various OS/kernels.

# Title Duration
3.1 SimpleLink™ Academy - POSIX Project Zero
POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) is an IEEE industry API standard for OS compatibility. The SimpleLink™ software development kits (SDKs) has...
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The SimpleLink SDK comes integrated with TI-RTOS. Checkout the trainings below to learn about multi-threaded applications & the features available with TI-RTOS.

# Title Duration
4.1 SimpleLink™ Academy - TI-RTOS | Basic
TI-RTOS accelerates development schedules by eliminating the need to create basic system software functions from scratch. TI-RTOS scales from a minimal...
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5. FreeRTOS

# Title Duration
5.1 SimpleLink™ Academy - FreeRTOS | Project Zero
The SimpleLink™ MSP432™ and Wi-Fi® CC3220 software development kits (SDKs) include the ability to use FreeRTOS™ (as well as the TI-RTOS). This workshop...
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6. Security

# Title Duration
6.1 Webinar: SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220 Enables Security for IoT Products
Our world is evolving with the growth of wirelessly connected products.
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