Technical Seminar

Were you unable to attend Tech Day but want to view the featured content? Did you attend and want to revisit a particular session? This series contains many of the sessions from the embedded processing, power supply design, signal chain, and wireless connectivity tracks. In addition, this series features recordings of select TI demos from the exhibitors hall.

1. Overview and Demos

# Title Duration
1.1 What is Tech Day?
Overview of what Tech Day has to offer
1.2 Audio Over Light and WEBENCH® Filter Designer Demos
TI Precision Labs Audio Over Light Demo and WEBENCH® Active Filter Designer Demo
1.3 Demonstration of Capacitve and Weatherproof Metal Touch Buttons
Live action demo featuring CapTIvate: The Most Noise Immune Capacitive Touch Technology and Weatherproof Metal Touch Buttons
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2. MCU and Processor

# Title Duration
2.1 TI-RTOS Overview
This session provides an in-depth overview of TI-RTOS features
2.2 Debugging Common Application Issues with TI-RTOS
This presentation shows how TI-RTOS helps a user debug the following common application issues: stack overflows, device exceptions, and memory mismana...
2.3 AM57x Sitara™ Processors Technical Deep Dive
This module provides a detailed look at the technical aspects of the AM57x Sitara processors, including a deep dive into the silicon, processors, peripherals,...
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3. Wireless Connectivity

# Title Duration
3.1 The importance of antenna design in optimized range performance
This video will help you avoid common mistakes around antenna design that affect the overall range
3.2 RF Basics Getting Started
This presentation serves as an overview of RF system design and crucial parameters to consider
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4. Signal Chain

# Title Duration
4.1 Op Amp Technology Overview
What is the difference between a CMOS, Bipolar, and JFET amplifier? 
4.2 Effective Application of Analog Comparators
Learn about some of the less intuitive electrical characteristics of analog comparators.
4.3 Isolation Basics: An Introduction to Standards and Terminology
This training video provides an overview of isolation. We will go through isolation basics, standards, certifications and terminology. To view a
4.4 SAR ADCs vs. Delta-Sigma ADCs: Different architectures for different application needs
Are you choosing between ADC architectures for current or upcoming projects? Check out this webinar, aimed at helping you decide on the best product for...
4.5 Creating robust, innovative, low-power HMI interfaces for e-lock, security, thermostats and other building automation interfaces with CapTIvate touch technology
This webinar is the third session from the Building Automation webinar series. Brought to you in cooperation with Farnell element 14. 
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5. Power

# Title Duration
5.1 Flyback transformer design considerations of efficiency and EMI
Learn about the internal construction and implementation of Flyback transformers.
5.2 Under the hood of a noninverting buck-boost converter
This covers non-inverting buck-boost converters and possible use cases, design tips, and highest performance solutions.
5.3 Design of a high-frequency series capacitor buck converter
This covers challenges to high frequency operation, introduce the series capacitor buck converter topology, and design steps for the series cap buck c...
5.4 Switch-mode power converter compensation made easy
This will cover switch-mode power converter compensation.
5.5 eFuse101: Achieve Active Circuit Protection Using eFuse
This video covers the need for circuit protection and the value eFuses bring over discrete implementations when trying to replace power MOSFETs in a s...
5.6 Optimizing EMI Behavior of Low-Power DCDC Converters
Optimizing EMI Behavior of Low-Power DCDC Converters from the Webinar Series.
5.7 Switch-mode power converter compensation made easy
This will cover switch-mode power converter compensation.
5.8 How to power a smart meter with nano-power DC/DC solutions
This training video goes through the details of the smart meter with energy buffering referenced
5.9 How to harvest energy with nano-power DC/DC solutions
Learn how to harvest enough energy from the source, to power the load with nano-power DC/DC solutions.
5.10 Battery charger design for single cell battery
Single Cell Charger Systems Input Considerations & Limitations Topology Options Pros & Cons of Power Path Architecture and more
5.11 Fast-Charging Trends and Challenges for Single-cell Batteries
This presentation will explain the system level considerations and new charger IC architectures used to allow charging of large Li‐Ion cells in less than...
5.12 Single Cell Gauging 101: Battery Chemistry Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of battery chemistries and how and why different factors can affect battery capacity and health.
5.13 Power Modules - How we build them and why you need them
This presentation will talk in detail about TI’s broad range of Power Modules.
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