1.1 TI Precision Labs - Op Amps: Introduction


Date: March 23, 2015

TI Precision Labs is the electronics industry’s first comprehensive online classroom for analog engineers. The on-demand curriculum pairs theory and applied lab exercises to deepen the technical expertise of experienced engineers and accelerate the development of those early in their career.  This video provides an overview of the TI Precision Labs: Op Amps curriculum and includes:

  • What material is covered
  • Is this series for you?
  • What makes this series unique
  • The benefits of participation and completion for the student

Additional information

Learn more about the National Instruments VirtualBenchTM and TI Precision Labs - Op Amp Evaluation Module used in the hands-on lab modules.

Download and install TINA-TI, the preferred simulator used exclusively with TI Precision Labs - Op Amps.

Download the Analog Engineer's Pocket Reference e-book.

Ask questions and interact with the authors in the TI Precision Labs - Op Amps e2e forum.

Navigate to the TI Precision Labs - Op Amps Homepage.

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