TI Precision Labs - Op Amps: Stability 1

with Collin Wells


Date: March 23, 2015

This is the first of seven videos in the TI Precision Labs – Op Amps curriculum that addresses operational amplifier stability.  In this training video we will discuss the common causes of op-amp stability issues as well as how to identify stability issues in the lab using common equipment. 

The remaining videos in the series will provide a review of Bode plots, basic stability theory, how to simulate op amp stability in SPICE, and address specific compensation techniques with detailed analysis of the solutions.  

Before proceeding with the op amp stability series, the lectures and problem sections for Op-Amp Bandwidth one through three should be completed.  The bandwidth series thoroughly discusses several key concepts used in stability theory that will only briefly be reviewed in the stability video series.

After watching the video, reinforce your learning with the following bonus content:

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