Aerospace & Defense Training Series

Section 2: Webinars

2.1 TI Solutions for Environmental Extremes with Sree Addepalli, Enhanced Products & Space

Designers of defense and aerospace equipment face challenges in finding a broad variety of products that meet their stringent project requirements, from gold bond wires to extended temperature range.

This free 30 minute live webinar session will demonstrates how TI’s latest enhanced products solve many design problems across the entire system, and provides additional resources to help meet tight development schedules. Questions addressed in this session include:

  • What are enhanced products?
  • How do enhanced products alleviate quality and reliability concerns?
  • What recently released products should I consider for power, signal chain and processing?
  • What factors are considered in choosing and creating new enhanced product devices?
March 1, 2018 - 10:30am America/Chicago
Presented by: 
Sree Addepalli, Enhanced Products & Space