TI Virtual Demo Library

This training series showcases TI Demos, Tools, EVMs, and TI Designs. It is a great resource to quickly find example end applications of TI products.

1. TI Designs

# Title Duration
1.1 What are TI Designs?
TI Designs are over 2000 reference designs showcasing one or more TI devices used at a sub-system level across various markets.
1.2 Audio preprocessing system reference design for voice-based applications using C6747
Speech recognition using DSP + microphone array reference designs communicating to the Cloud.
1.3 Automotive Hall sensor rotary encoder reference design
Learn how to use an incremental rotary encoder that uses contactless magnetic sensing to detect rotational speed and direction.
1.4 Anti-tamper Techniques to Thwart Attacks on Smart Meters— Detecting magnetic tampering using hall-effect sensors: Magnetic Tamper Detection Testing
This module discusses magnetic tampering tests that were performed on the TIDA-00839 reference design using the DRV5033 to detect magnetic tampering in...
1.5 Anti-tamper Techniques to Thwart Attacks on Smart Meters— Detecting magnetic tampering using hall-effect sensors: TIDA-00839 Magnetic Tamper Detection Reference Design Features
This module covers how to the use hall sensors, such as the DRV5033, for the low-power detection of strong magnetic fields in three dimensions.
1.6 Vibration Condition Monitoring with SimpleLink MSP432P4 precision ADC MCU
Wireless Condition Monitor for Motors and Pumps using Multi-Axis Vibration with High precision ADC.
1.7 6LoWPAN RF Mesh Reference Design
Watch a demonstration of a 6-hop mesh network data collector for smart meters, featuring the 6LoWPAN RF Mesh Reference Design.
1.8 10kW 3-Phase 3-Level SiC Grid Tie Inverter Reference Design
Highlights TI's verified reference design that provides an overview on how to implement a three-level, three phase SiC based DC:AC grid-tie inverter s...
1.9 Automotive Windshield Wiper Drive Reference Design Overview
Learn more about how this reference design drives a two-speed front windshield wiper, one or two rear wipers, and the pump.
1.10 Overview of TIDA-01550: Polyphase Shunt Metrology with Isolated AFE Reference Design
This module provides an overview of the TIDA-01550 reference design.
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2. Signal Chain

This section showcases signal chain demos from all across TI

# Title Duration
2.1 Design a Cooler Isolated System with the ISOW7841
This demo showcases the superior thermal performance of the ISOW7841 reinforced isolator with integrated power when compared to a similar device.
2.2 Precision Signal Injector Demo
High Precision Digital to Analog Converter Training with Signal High-Fidelity Source Evaluation Module showcases our most precise data converter, the ...
2.3 Smart Gate Driver for BLDC Motors
DRV832x Smart Gate Drive solution Demo for Brushless-DC (BLDC) Motor Driver applications
2.4 Easily Locate Faults with Time-Domain Reflectrometry
Ross explains how to easily locate faults in your system design with Time-Domain Reflectometry using the DP83822 10/100 Ethernet PHY
2.5 Reduce design time with easy IEEE 802.3 compliance with TI's industrial Gigabit PHY family DP83867
Ross shows us how easy it is reduce design time with TI's industrial Ethernet Gigabit PHY family, the DP83867.
2.6 PRU-ICSS: Interfacing a processor with multiple ADCs
This video demonstrates how the PRU-ICSS subsystem can provide flexible interface between the processor and multiple ADCs.
2.7 mmWave Radar Demonstrations
In this series, you will find different automotive and industrial demonstrations that we've tested using our single-chip mmWave sensors.
2.8 USB2 Redriver Solutions
USB2 Redriver Solutions
2.9 Discrete Level Translation Replacement
Watch this EVM for 2N70001T, which is a single channel unidirectional level translation intended for Replacement of discreet channel FET.
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3. Embedded Processing and Wireless Connectivity

# Title Duration
3.1 Sub-1 GHz sensor-to-cloud industrial internet of Things (IoT) gateway reference design
TI Sensor to Cloud demonstrates how to connect sensors to the cloud over a long-range Sub-1 GHz.
3.2 Romi Maze Solver demonstration
View a demonstration of the line following ROMI robot with MSP432 + CC3120.
3.3 Voice over BLE Demo
Voice over Bluetooth® Low Energy with the CC2564C + AM437x + CC2650RC
3.4 WiLink 8 WiFi Mesh Demo
Wi-Fi® Over Mesh with WiLink8 + AM335x
3.5 Launch your first Bluetooth 5 design with TI
TI introduces the first fully qualified Bluetooth® 5 solution in mass production.
3.6 Waterfall BLE CapTIvate Capacitive Touch Keypad Demos
These demos showcase TI's CapTIvate capacitive touch technology: Waterfall BLE Capacitive Touch Keypad, Capacitive Touch die sized VGA, and a Metal Touch...
3.7 SimpleLink CC1352R Sub-1 GHz + Bluetooth low energy concurrency example
This video steps through the dual-mode manager example using the SimpleLink CC1352R LaunchPad which shows off Sub-1 GHz + Bluetooth low energy concurr...
3.8 Simple Thread network with Bluetooth 5 over-the-air download
This example steps through setting up a simple Thread network with a Bluetooth 5 over-the-air download using a smartphone connection.
3.9 Bidirectional Audio Streaming with CC3220 Launch Pad
View this demo where we show case the ability of the CC3220 to produce and receive audio. 
3.10 Connect: Thread Demo
Learn more about the Thread technology with a hands-on demo featuring the SimpleLink
3.11 mmWave SDK EVM Out-of-Box Demo
Run TI's EVM out-of-box demo to view processed TI mmWave sensor data in configurable plots using the web-based mmWave Demo Visualizer.
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4. DLP® Products

# Title Duration
4.1 DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2000 evaluation module demonstration
Watch a demonstration of TI DLP sensing and display technologies.
4.2 Laser TVs using TI DLP® 4K UHD Technology Demo
Laser TVs using DLP technology use cutting edge laser phosphor technology to deliver bright, colorful displays and can last up to 20,000 hours
4.3 Plug, Play, and Display - TI DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2000 EVM
TI introduces most affordable way to get started with DLP® Pico™ display technology. Tiny chipset and $99 EVM make it easier to design display applic...
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5. Systems

# Title Duration
5.1 DC Motor - Water Pump Demonstration
In this video, we compare the performance of a BLDC motor to an AC motor when used in a water pump application.
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6. Power

# Title Duration
6.1 High efficiency 48V/10A 3-phase GaN motor drive demonstration
LMG5200 Half-Bridge GaN & 3-phase inverter demonstrate GaN’s high inverter frequency switching.
6.2 AC-to-Processor: Powering Tomorrow’s Data Centers with TI GaN
This demo shows how to use GaN to achieve 3x power density from in a 1 kW AC input all the way to every point of load.
6.3 Rapidly design your isolated power supply and battery chargers using WEBENCH tools
The WEBENCH Isolated Power Supply and Battery Charger designer tools help create custom transformers and battery designs for your battery-operated sys...
6.4 TPS65086100: User Programming of Multi-rail Power Management ICs
This video shows how to program and use the TPS65086100.
6.5 1MHz, 98.7% efficient interleaved 1.6 kW CrM GaN PFC
Watch the industries fastest switching power factor correction circuit which switches between 400kHz to 1MHz utilizing TI's LMG3410. 
6.6 Nanosecond GaN power stage for high resolution LIDAR lasers
Watch this demo on the fastest low side GaN driver with TI's LMG1020. This driver has a 1ns pulse with the industry's smallest package at only 0.8 x 1...
6.7 PoE - Reducing Redundancy
Watch TI's solution for dual input PoE. This is used for reducing redundancy in PoE.
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