TINA-TI Video Training Series

This training series demonstrates the usage of TINA-TI, the free SPICE simulator from Texas Instruments. The course has 12 videos, beginning with an introduction and showing the basic usage of the GUI and the simulator. The course shows several examples of the basic features and some of the more complex features that TINA-TI provides. Additionally, the course shows several practical applications of the tool and how it can be used to solve engineering problems.

Table of contents

1. TINA-TI Training Series

Multiple Video courses showing how to use TINA-TI to solve Engineering problems with a free simulation engine.

# Title Duration
1.1 Introduction to TINA-TI(TM) Simulator
In this video, instructions on where to obtain the TINA-TI software, how to install it, how to update it with the latest content and a quick view of the...
1.2 Using the TINA-TI(TM) simulator – ERC and Analysis types
In this video, how to run DC, AC, and transient analysis on a simple op amp circuit is demonstrated. Electronic Rule Checking (ERC) is described as well...
1.3 Configuring Sources in TINA-TI(TM) simulator
How to configure the different sources that are available in TINA-TI is shown. Piecewise Linear and Waveform Audio Format (WAV) sources are highlighted....
1.4 TINA-TI(TM) Waveform Viewer, Part 1
How to use TINA-TI's waveform viewer to display and interpret your simulation results.
1.5 TINA-TI(TM) Waveform Viewer, Part 2
Learn some advanced capabilities of TINA-TI's waveform viewer to help you make more of your simulation results.
1.6 Sweeping parameters in TINA-TI(TM) simulator
How to use of the Select Control Object button to sweep circuit parameters in a simulation.
1.7 Noise, Fourier analysis and Signal Chain content in TINA-TI(TM) simulator
In this video, the signal chain content that is built into TINA-TI is shown.
1.8 Power product simulation in TINA-TI(TM) simulator
In this video, the Power product content of TINA-TI is shown.
1.9 Importing SPICE models into TINA-TI(TM) simulator
How to import SPICE models into TINA-TI.
1.10 Tips and Tricks for TINA-TI(TM) simulator
Here are several tips and tricks for using TINA-TI.
1.11 How to use the Controlled Source Wizard in the TINA-TI(TM) simulator
How to use the Controlled Source Wizard in TINA-TI.
1.12 Using WEBENCH® simulation export to create files for TINA-TI(TM) simulator
Using the export capability of WEBENCH for your TINA-TI design.
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